Short Term Google Offer – Save 50% on Virgin America Flights between LAX/SFO and SEA/DFW/ORD/IAD

Get a 50% discount coupon for only $50 through Google Offers

Here’s a great deal from Google Offers – a service similar to Groupon and the morass of other similar deal sites that are springing up at present.

You can buy a coupon from Google that will cost you $50, and in return, the coupon will give you 50% off a roundtrip fare on Virgin America, flying either from or to Los Angeles/San Francisco and Seattle/Dallas/Chicago/DC.  That’s a huge saving for only a small outlay.

There is a usual set of ‘fine print’ associated with the deal, the most significant of which being that the coupon is only on sale until I think 5am on Friday morning, Pacific standard time; the ticket needs to be purchased by 8 February, and travel must be between 5 Jan and 15 Feb.

Google’s site also now says ‘Last few remaining’ so if this might be of interest, rush over to the Google Offers site (it is a featured deal) to see the rest of the terms and conditions and to take advantage of the deal if it is of value to you.

You might want to consider signing up for the Google Offers service so as to get prompt email advice from Google of additional special deals in your area, too.

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