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2019 Christmas Gift Giving Guide

Here’s a collection of items, ranging from under $10 to over $100, from the highest of high tech (digital audio players, cell phone signal boosters) to the lowest of low tech (belts with no metal

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Was the Pono Predestined to Fail?

The Pono player was a much talked about portable digital music player that was released in late 2014; with its parent company closing down three years later at the end of 2017.  A fascinating history

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Book Review : To Feel the Music

This is a fascinating and very approachable book about the success and failure of an American designed and developed high quality music player and the music delivery service it was integrated with. In 2012 the

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Book Review : London’s Underground

Many of us – particularly men – are fascinated by transportation technology and enjoy some of the backstory to the travel and transportation services that otherwise can be taken for granted, and to glimpse the

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