Amazon Alexa/Echo Voice Response Service Resources

Amazon first released an Alexa voice-response Echo unit in November 2014.  We were slow and cautious about adopting the technology ourselves, with our first review appearing in December 2016.  But since that time, we’ve becoming increasingly enthusiastic, and the growing Alexa-enabled product range has featured, either as mentions or as dedicated articles, some 70 times in the not-quite-five-years that have followed.

In addition, we have prepared a wonderful guide to the many ways you can get best use from your Alexa devices.  This has been updated regularly, but when we update the articles, we don’t always catch all links to it in all previous articles.

So for your convenience we’re creating this page as a master listing of our major Alexa articles and an always-up-to-date link to our wonderful Usage Guide.

Alexa Usage Guide

The “problem”, such as it is, with Alexa, is knowing what it can do and how to interact and instruct Alexa to do what you wish.  There are thought to be over 100,000 different “skills” and massively more commands Alexa will respond to.  We don’t list them all!  But we do provide you with helpful information on many of the most useful capabilities.

Our full listing of commands is currently 36 pages.  That is offered as a “thank you” to our very kind Travel Insider Supporters.  If you are already a Supporter, make sure you’re logged in to the website, and then go to your Special Member Reports Section to access the current version.

If you are not (yet!) a Travel Insider Supporter, we of course encourage you to consider choosing to become a Supporter.  You’ll get instant access to this and much other additional material on the site, just as soon as you’ve chosen to become a Supporter.  Full details and an instant joining page are here.

We also have a shorter summary version of the complete document which is available, free, for everyone to download.  That can be downloaded here; we hope you might like it and be encouraged to become a Supporter and get the complete listing.

Alexa Articles

The Echo Show 15, Revisited

I ordered one of Amazon’s large-screened Echo Show 15 devices when they were first announced in early November 2021, with several kind Travel Insider readers underwriting its $250 purchase cost. I also ordered, at the

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The Amazon Smart Thermostat

Amazon announced its new Alexa-enabled smart thermostat back in September, and started shipping them this last week.  Although smart thermostats, in general, have been around for some time.  The Nest, released in 2011 and purchased

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A Buyer’s Guide to Amazon Alexa Echo Units

At first a rarity and an oddity, Amazon’s Alexa voice-powered devices are becoming increasingly common and, if not essential, certainly increasingly convenient and useful in our lives.  The concept of a responsive omniscient computer who

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More Alexa Commands and Uses

Amazon continues to extend the ways you can use their voice command Alexa/Echo units, and to add to the range of products that have the Alexa capability within them. The combination of new hardware (ie

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Another Amazon Alexa Privacy Problem

Amazon continues to release more and more of their Alexa Echo units, and if you’re like us, you’re continuing to add them throughout your homes and offices. It requires a fair measure of confidence to

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