All About the Tax and Fee Codes on Your Airline Ticket

So you've just spent $1299.90 on an airline ticket with a list price of $773. Do you have any idea what the $321.90 in taxes and fees are?

As governments and other taxing authorities get more and more creative, the number of different extra costs that appear on your ticket continue to get longer and longer.

We remember, “back in the good old days”, when a domestic ticket typically had only one fee, and international tickets three or four.  Now, depending on where you fly, you might see as many as a dozen or more.

But you also need to realize that not all the taxes and fees you see on your ticket are truly what they seem.  The airline you’re flying might well be trying to sneak in some extra money that it keeps for itself, enabling it to keep its apparent fare low and to vaguely blame “the government” for all the “taxes” on its low fare.

So if you’re ever noticed and been upset that the taxes and fees seem to be greater than the airfare on your ticket, perhaps you’re just falling victim to the airline’s own perfidy.

Here’s an incomplete list of tax/fee codes to help you decode these costs.  If your ticket has another code on it, please send us a copy of the ticket and we’ll try to help you figure it out.  There is a complete list published by IATA, which contains more than 1500 entries!  Unfortunately, they charge $4599 for a web download of this information (we kid you not – see this page). 

Do you have a mystery tax code on your ticket you don’t understand?

Please first check to see if it is in the long list below.  The list is alphabetical.  At least three quarters of all requests we get are for codes already in the list!

If it’s not in the list already, use this form to send in its details and we’ll research it for you.

We need the details of your itinerary and ideally a copy of your ticket so as to research the code.

Note – the column on the right for “Date Verified” is the last time we looked up and confirmed the tax code.  All undated tax codes date back to about August 2019.  (Our sense is that tax codes change from time to time.)
CodePaid ToDescriptionDate Verified
A1Costa RicaBaggage Inspection Fee10/31/20
A6TunisiaTourism Tax12/23/20
A7BoliviaPassenger Service Charge1/6/20
AADominican RepublicAirport Departure Tax Intl11/27/20
ABHaitiAirport Departure Tax International10/31/20
AEUAEPassenger Service Charge Intl11/27/20
AHPanamaAirport Security Fee Departures/Arrivals11/27/20
AJVenezuelaAirport Exit Tax International11/27/20
AKVenezuelaAirport Departure Tax11/27/20
ARArgentinaTicket Tax8/4/20
ATAustriaPassenger Security Charge11/27/20
AUAustraliaPassenger Movement Charge6/9/20
AXVietnamPassenger Service Charge Domestic1/6/20
AYUnited States“Sept 11” Security Fee, currently (2019) $5.60 one way or $11.20 roundtrip11/27/20
B1Costa RicaBoarding Tax10/31/20
B6NepalAirport Development Fee6/9/20
B9LibyaSecurity Tax12/23/20
BBBarbadosValue Added Tax11/27/20
BEBelgiumPassenger Service and Security Charge11/27/20
BLBermudaAviation Security Fee8/4/20
BMBermudaPassenger Tax8/4/20
BOBoliviaSales Tax1/6/20
BPSouth KoreaInternational Psc Departure Tax And Global Disease Eradication Fund8/4/20
BRBrazilEmbarkation Fee International3/9/20
BUBelizeAirport Development Fee
C2VenezuelaBiosecurity Service Fee Arrivals/Departures11/27/20
C4VietnamPassenger And Baggage Security Screening Service Charge6/9/20
C7MyanmarAdvance Passenger Information User Charge International Arrivals/Departures11/27/20
C9BahamasValue Added Tax11/27/20
CACanadaAir Travelers Security Charge8/4/20
CENew ZealandAviation Security Screening Levy Domestic1/6/20
CHSwitzerlandAirport Passenger Security And Noise Charge11/27/20
CJNetherlandsSecurity Service Charge7/18/20
CNChinaAirport Fee (varies per airport)11/27/20
COColombiaAirport Tax11/27/20
CRCosta RicaTransportation Tax10/31/20
CUCubaPassenger Services Airport Tax11/27/20
CZCzech RepublicEmbarkation Tax8/4/20
D5IndonesiaPassenger Service Charge6/9/20
D9JordanCute User Fee (ie Common User Terminal Equipment)11/27/20
DCRomaniaSecurity Charge11/27/20
DDTrinidad and TobagoConcourse Fee International
DEGermanyAirport Security Charge (varies per airport)11/27/20
DGColombiaResident Exit Tax Timbre11/27/20
DHHaitiPassenger Facility Charge Arrival10/31/20
DIBarbadosAirport Facilitation Fee International11/27/20
DODominican RepublicTransportation Tax11/27/20
DYPeruTourism Arrival Tax11/27/20
E2EcuadorInfrastructure Tax Arrivals11/27/20
E3Saudi ArabiaSecurity Charges Intl Departure/Arrival6/9/20
E6BermudaAir Terminal Improvement Fee8/4/20
E7ThailandAdvance Passenger Processing User Charge11/27/20
EABahamasPassenger Departure Tax11/27/20
ECEcuadorGovernment Transportation Tax
EDEcuadorTourism Fee International
EGEgyptSolidarity Tax (formerly/aka Transportation Tax)8/27/20
EKJamaicaPassenger Service and Security Fee11/27/20
ELJamaicaAirport Improvement Fee11/27/20
ENBermudaPassenger Facility Charge8/4/20
EQEgyptService Charge12/23/20
EUVenezuelaInac Civil Aviation Services Improvement Fee11/27/20
EVSouth AfricaPassenger Safety Charge11/27/20
EXItalySecurity Bag Charge8/4/20
EYFijiAirport Departure Tax
EZFijiAirport Security Charge
F1New ZealandBorder Clearance Levy Intl Arrival3/6/20
F3PanamaAirport Development Fee11/27/20
F6UAEPassenger Facilities Charge11/27/20
F7EgyptQuarantine Fees12/23/20
FAFijiAirport Development Charge
FCNicaraguaTerminal Fee Intl
FDNicaraguaTourism Fee Intl
FEHungarySecurity Charge11/27/20
FNItalyVAT on other ticket fees7/18/20
FPHaitiSecurity Control Fee10/31/20
FRFrance & DependenciesCivil Aviation Tax and Airport Tax7/18/20
FSCosta Rica
(formerly Airline)
Common Area User Charge Departure
(formerly Fuel Surcharge)
FUBelizeConservation Tax
FVBelizePassenger Service Fee
FWBelizeSecurity Fee International
FXUzbekistanSecurity Tax
FZPanamaAirport Departure Tax11/27/20
G1MalaysiaDeparture Levy5/29/20
G2NorwayAirport Passenger Tax11/27/20
G3Hong KongAirport Construction Fee11/27/20
G4QatarPassenger Facility Charge11/26/20
G8ThailandIntl Arrival Fee8/4/20
GBUnited KingdomAir Passenger Duty varies depending on distance flown and class of service £13 – £172 as of 201911/27/20
GJBahamasAirport Facility Fee Departure11/27/20
GKBahamasSecurity Fee11/27/20
GRGreeceAirport Development Charge11/27/20
GZKuwaitAirport Service Charge International11/27/20
H8MalaysiaRegulatory Charge Domestic And International5/29/20
HBItalyCouncil City Tax8/4/20
HGJamaicaTourism Enhancement Fee Intl11/27/20
HIHaitiImmigration Processing Fee Arrival10/31/20
HJJapanPassenger Facility Charge, Domestic Departures6/9/20
HKHong KongPassenger Departure Tax11/27/20
HLKyrgyzstanAirport Development Charge International
HQJordanEmbarkation Tax International11/27/20
HUHungaryAirport Departure Tax11/27/20
HWPeruAirport Departure Tax11/27/20
I2OmanSecurity Fee11/26/20
I5Hong KongPassenger Security Charge11/27/20
I6IranPassenger Safety Oversight Services Fees
IANew ZealandPassenger Security Charge Intl1/6/20
IDIndonesiaValue Added Tax Passengers Domestic
IKCosta RicaSecurity Fee International Arriving/Departing10/31/20
ILIsraelDeparture Passenger Airport Tax International
INIndiaUser Development Fee Departures1/13/20
IOSaudi ArabiaAirport Building Charge For Arrivals6/9/20
IQIraqDeparture Tax8/27/20
IRIranAirport Tax International
ISIcelandAirport Service Charge1/13/20
ITItalyEmbarkation Tax8/4/20
IZFrancePassenger Solidarity Tax varies depending on destination and class of service €1.13 – €45.07 as of 20191/20/20
JCVietnamPassenger Service Charge International6/9/20
JDSpainDeparture Charge11/27/20
JGBarbadosPassenger Service Charge International11/27/20
JHBarbadosSecurity Fee International11/27/20
JKEgyptDeparture Fee11/27/20
JMJamaicaStamp Tax11/27/20
JPJapanConsumption Tax6/9/20
JSColombiaTourism Tax
JTJamaicaPassenger Facility Charge11/27/20
K3IndiaGoods And Service Tax Interim Domestic10/31/20
K7Saudi ArabiaValue Added Tax1/13/20
KJJordanCivil Aviation Fee
KKNew ZealandPassenger Service Charge Intl Arrivals1/6/20
KOHaitiTerritorial Development Tax10/31/20
KPNorth KoreaPassenger Service Charge International
KWKuwaitAirport Departure Tax11/27/20
L2KuwaitTransfer Fee
L7SingaporeAirport Development Levy6/9/20
L8Dominican RepublicTourism Tax1/6/20
LIPhilippinesPassenger Service Charge8/4/20
LJSwedenAviation Tax
LKSri LankaEmbarkation Tax3/9/20
LYLibyaTicket Tax12/23/20
M3BarbadosAirport Service Charge11/27/20
M6TurkeyInternational Flights Security Charge1/6/20
MAMoroccoPassenger Service Charge
MJItalyPassenger Service Charge on Departures8/4/20
MMMyanmarPassenger Service Charge11/27/20
MOMacauAirport Security Tax1/6/20
MXMexicoTransportation Tax IVA Domestic
MYMalaysiaPassenger Service And Security Charge5/29/20
N8Costa RicaSales Tax10/31/20
NCNew CaledoniaPassenger Service Charge
NDPolandPassenger Service Charge8/4/20
NHJordanPassenger Terminal Use Fee11/27/20
NINicaraguaSales Hacienda Tax
NPNepalPassenger Service Charge6/9/20
NQNepalTourism Service Fee6/9/20
NRNauruDeparture Fee – newly created Aug 1, 20208/5/20
NWCosta RicaTourism Arrival Tax1/20/20
NZNew ZealandGoods and Services Tax
O2EgyptDeparture Service Fee12/23/20
O4FranceSolidarity Tax Surplus1/20/20
O5ArgentinaInclusive and Solidarity Tax Pais8/4/20
O7JordaySecurity Charge Departures11/27/20
O9EgyptCute Cupps Fee12/23/20
OBAirlineBooking Fee and Surcharges
OGSpainAviation Safety and Security Fee11/27/20
OIJapanPassenger Security Service Charge8/4/20
OMOmanAirport Tax11/26/20
OPSingaporeAviation Levy
OREcuadorAirport Tax
OYGermanyAir Transport Tax11/27/20
P2IndiaAviation Security Fee10/31/20
P5Costa RicaSupplemental Security Fee Departures10/31/20
PBPakistanAdvance Tax International
PFFrench PolynesiaLocal Departure Tax
PHPhilippinesTravel Tax8/4/20
POBahamasPassenger Processing Fee11/27/20
PTPortugalSecurity Tax
PXNicaraguaAirport Security Charge
PZQatarPassenger Service Charge Arrivals11/26/20
QAQatarAirport Fee Intl11/26/20
QBEcuadorAirport Tax11/27/20
QCAustraliaUsed to be Cairns Airport Authority Fee
QDAustriaAir Transport Levy Domestic11/27/20
QHEgyptEmbarkation Tax11/27/20
QIEcuadorAirport Auxiliary Facilities Tax11/27/20
Airline Passenger Levy
(Formerly was Sydney noise levy)
QOArgentinaCustom And Immigration Services Tax International 8/4/20
QPTurkmenistanPassenger Safety And Airport Development Charge
QRAustraliaPassenger Service Charge Domestic Departure/Arrival6/9/20
QVSpainSecurity Tax11/27/20
QWFrancePassenger Service Charge Domestic1/20/20
QXFrancePassenger Service Charge Intl7/18/20
RAGermanyPassenger Service Charge for Intl Departures11/26/20
RCCanadaHarmonized Sales Tax11/27/20
RDGermanyPassenger Service Charge Domestic Departure11/27/20
RGPakistanFederal Excise Duty Red11/26/20
RIRussiaTerminal Use Charge (Departure or Arrival)11/27/20
RKTunisiaSecurity Tax12/23/20
RLTunisiaEmbarkation Tax International12/23/20
RNNetherlandsPassenger Service Charge7/18/20
RORomaniaAirport Departure Tax11/27/20
SGSingaporePassenger Service And Security Fee
SPPakistanEmbarkation Fee11/26/20
SQCanadaAirport Improvement Fee11/27/20
SWJapanPassenger Service Facilities Charge Intl8/4/20
TKJapanInternational Tourist Tax8/4/20
TMTurkmenistanPassenger Airport Tax Departures
TPUAEPassenger Security and Safety Fee11/27/20
TQArgentinaSecurity Tax Domestic And International8/4/20
TRTurkeyAirport Service Charge International12/23/20
TSThailandPassenger Service Charge8/4/20
TUKenyaPassenger Airport Service Charge Intl
TWTaiwanAirport Service Charge International1/6/20
TYDominican RepublicAerocom Fee Arrivals/Departures11/27/20
UAUkraineSecurity Charge8/4/20
UBUnited KingdomPassenger Service Charge Departures11/27/20
UCJamaicaPassenger Aviation Service Charge Arrivals11/27/20
UDUkraineState Charge8/4/20
UHRussiaSecurity Charge International
UJKazakhstanPassenger Service Charge
UKMexicoTourism Tax Derecho No Inmigrante11/27/20
UMSouth AfricaASC Charge11/27/20
UOAustraliaGoods And Services Tax
UPIrelandPassenger Charge1/13/20
UQIrelandInspection Pre-clearance Charge
USUnited StatesInternational Arrival/Departure Tax (currently $18.60 each way as of 2019) or 7.5% (as of 2019) US Domestic Transportation Tax1/10/20
UXDominican RepublicAirport Authority Fee Arrivals/Departures11/27/20
UZUzbekistanAirport Departure Tax
VBDominican RepublicAirport Infrastructure Fee Arrival/Departure11/27/20
VQTurkeyAirport Service Charge Domestic1/6/20
VTItalySecurity Charge8/4/20
VVNetherlandsNoise Isolation Charge
WCSouth AfricaAir Passenger Tax11/27/20
WDJamaicaTravel Tax Intl11/27/20
WGAustraliaSafety and Security Charge Departure6/9/20
WNMacaoPassenger Service Charge1/6/20
WOIndiaPassenger Service Fee10/31/20
WPGreecePassenger Terminal Facilities Charge11/27/20
WQGreecePassenger Security Charge11/27/20
WTEcuadorSecurity Fee11/27/20
WVLibyaAirport Departure Tax12/23/20
WXNew ZealandPassenger Levy Domestic1/6/20
WYAustraliaPassenger Service Charge Departure/Arrival Intl6/9/20
XAUnited StatesAPHIS (Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service) Fee (currently $3.96 as of 2019)11/26/20
XDMexicoAirport Departure Tax Tua Intl11/27/20
XFUnited StatesPassenger Facility Charge (up to $4.50 per applicable airport as of 2019)11/27/20
XGCanadaGoods and Services Tax8/4/20
XKEgyptDevelopment Fee8/27/20
XLEgyptStamp Tax8/27/20
XOMexicoTransportation Tax IVA International8/4/20
XRArgentinaAirport Tax International8/4/20
XTExtra tax total, details shown elsewhere
XVMexicoAirport Departure Tax Tua Domestic
XWPolandAirport Tax8/4/20
XYUnited StatesImmigration Fee (currently $7 as of 2020)11/27/20
YASwedenPassenger Charge
YCUnited StatesCustoms Fee (currently $5.87 as of 2020)11/27/20
YDPakistanInfrastructure Development Charge11/26/20
YKUkraineAirport Passenger Charge8/4/20
YMIndiaDevelopment Fee1/13/20
YNVenezuelaLuxury Tax11/27/20
YPPortugalMadeira Funchal Porto Santo Passenger Service Charge
YQAirlineExtra fee (instead of simply charging a higher fare)12/23/20
YRAirlineExtra fee (instead of simply charging a higher fare)12/23/20
YSColombiaSales Tax IVA11/27/20
YWBoliviaExit Tax1/6/20
YXKuwaitPassenger Service Charge11/27/20
ZASouth AfricaPassenger Service Charge11/27/20
ZNNorwayPassenger Charge11/27/20
ZODenmarkPassenger Service Charge11/27/20
ZPUnited StatesSegment Tax, goes to FAA1/6/20
ZQChileAirport Facility Charge International8/4/20
ZRUAEIntl Advanced Passenger Info Fee Arrivals11/27/20
ZUIcelandPassenger Fee Keflavik1/13/20
ZYAustriaPassenger Service Charge11/27/20
CodePaid ToDescription
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