Covid-19 Web Resources

Here are some useful websites that have interesting/helpful information about the coronavirus.  We’ve tried to put them in a sort of alphabetical order, with one exception, Worldometers (our “go to” site for worldwide stats).

MOST IMPORTANT :  (Almost) All About Covid-19, Its Diagnosis, Treatments, and Cures :  A 300+ page book of just about everything you need to know about the virus.

The first section is our own feature articles, sorted from most recent to oldest.  This is important to consider – some things written months ago have subsequently needed to be updated or revised in light of further information.  This is followed by three more sections of links.

(a)  Our Coronavirus Related Articles

Complete listing of all our Covid-19 articles (135+ articles, most of which are our diary entries, written at least twice every week and dating back to 16 March)

Covid Testing – What it is, what it does and doesn’t do :  Explains what tests can do and can’t do, when they might detect a virus, how long they take, and other helpful related matters.

Should You Deliberately Infect Yourself with Covid-19? :  We’re sensing growing fatalism and a lack of motivation to continue the virus fight.  Here’s why you shouldn’t give in.

How to Minimize Your Virus Risk in a Hotel :  Another excerpt from our huge 200+ page book (see above) crammed full of helpful information to keep you safe and virus-free when staying at hotels.

Can Vitamin D Protect Against and/or Help Cure the Coronavirus? :  An interesting and low cost strategy that might improve your chances of avoiding or at least surviving the Covid-19 virus.

How Likely Are You to Catch the Covid-19 Virus On a Plane :  This and the second article below are excerpts from our 200+ page book (see above).  Part 1 of 2, looks at some of the general concerns and issues when flying.

What You Can Do to Minimize Your Virus Risk When Flying :   Part 2 of 2, gives you 19 specific suggestions for how to safely fly.

Should You – Can You – Travel to Europe This Summer? :  The situation as best we understand it, as of May 29.  The situation is fluid, use this as a starting point, but check everything.

Virus Infection Risk : How Close is Too Close? How Far is Safe Enough? :  Useful information about how the virus is transmitted and how to minimize your risk of becoming its latest victim.  Another excerpt from our 200+ page complete book (see above).

Is it Time for A(nother) Freezer :  Written in response to growing concerns about meat price rises and shortages.

Checking Your Temperature for Covid-19 is Meaningless and Even Dangerous :  There’s a rush to checking people’s temperatures to see if they’re infected.  The only thing is – this doesn’t work and gives a false sense of security.

What Percentage of People Die from the Coronavirus :  It is astonishingly difficult to accurately answer this simple question.

How We’ll Finally Win the Covid-19 War :  Part 1 of 2, looks at the various ultimate outcomes.

Safely Living With and Avoiding the Coronavirus :  Part 2 of 2, what to do prior to an ultimate resolution.

An Updated Explainer on Covid-19 :  Written back on 12 March, but still reasonably sensible and even prescient.

The Covid-19 Coronavirus Outbreak – Should You be Worried :  This was our first major stand-alone piece (we’d written about it several times before but just in our weekly newsletters), written on 20 February.  What a lot has changed since then.  But still an interesting article.

(b)  Regularly Updated Sites with National/International Data

** Worldometers Coronavirus Resource :  Excellent site with daily data about all countries in the world, continuously updated.

Bureau of Transportation Statistics weekly snapshot :  Compares some key travel metrics with a week and a year ago.  Updated every Tuesday.

Coronavirus Cases in the UK :  Official UK Govt site with a mix of UK stats, updated daily.

Covid Tracking Project :  Mainly focused on testing, state by state, in the US.  Updated daily.

CTV News Tracking the Coronavirus in Canada :  Excellent compilation of Canadian data, updated daily

IHME Covid-19 Projections :  Gives history and projections for hospital resource use and deaths for the US by state and various other countries/regions too.  Updated several times a week.

The YYG Covid-19 Projections :  Another highly regarded model for projecting the future of the virus, both in the US and in other countries.

Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center :  Excellent compilation of data and analysis, including data at the county level in the US.  Generally updates daily.

Our World in Data :  Some great charts.  Updates regularly.

Reich Lab Covid-19 Forecast Hub :  Collates a number of different projections/models by state in the US.  Updates regularly.

Rt Covid-19 :  Shows the rate of increase or decrease of new virus cases by state in the US.  Updates daily.

Tracking the novel coronavirus in the US :  Great graphic and county information, updated twice daily, provided by Reuters.

TSA Daily Passenger Data :  Shows daily counts of passengers in the US and compares to same day last year.  Updates daily.

(c)  Sites with regional data

WA state Covid-19 Risk Assessment Dashboard :  Nice presentation with five risk dials and other links, updated irregularly.

Covid-19:  Going Forward :  A 4 May presentation by the BC (Canada) Ministry of Health.  Some very interesting analysis and statistics.

(d)  One-off papers, analysis, reference

Air-conditioning Filter Ratings :  A great explainer on the different MERV ratings and what they mean.  MERV 13 is probably the minimum to look for in a community a/c system (plus a generous mix of fresh compared to recycled air).

ASHRAE Guidance on Building Ventilation :  The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers’ white paper on the issues and best practice responses to airborne virus challenges.

Assessment of Evidence for Covid-19 Treatments :  Regularly updated, a huge list of all sorts of possible treatments and their current status.  Great resource. :  A site that tabulates all the studies occurring about hydroxychloroquine, a possible treatment for Covid-19 that is showing great potential, but attracting even greater controversy, although for no apparent reason because the arguments in favor of its use seem overwhelming :  A site to show what travel restrictions might apply, particularly for international travel.  Not sure how often it is updated, be sure to double-check after using this to start with.

CDC Coronavirus Section :  Lots of material

Covid-19 Drug and Vaccine Candidate Tracker :  A list of currently 297 different drugs and vaccines being trialed/tested for efficacy in the fight against the virus.

Covid-19 Modeling Explained :  A great explainer on how data scientists predict/project the future of this virus outbreak.

EPA list of approved disinfectants for use against the Coronavirus :  A great list.  Search for a product name or download a PDF complete list with all names, etc.  Of particular interest are recommended times for the disinfectant to remain on a surface before removing it.

Facemasks explained :  A brilliant and very thorough page that tells you everything you need to know about different types of masks and if/how they work.

FAQs on Protecting Yourself from COVID-19 Aerosol Transmission :  An excellent explainer on the main risk path for becoming infected with Covid.  Great reading.  Updated as new information comes to hand.

Infectious Diseases Society of America Guidelines on the Treatment and Management of Patients with COVID-19 :  A very conservative set of guidelines that dislikes almost every treatment except remdesivir.

Interactive Coronavirus (Covid-19) Travel Regulations Map :  A great help from IATA, shows the restrictions on traveling to countries everywhere in the world.

Mask Myths Rebutted :  A useful explainer about masks.  We don’t know how or why so many outrageous lies about masks have been spread, and this is an important/helpful rebuttal of many of the lies out there.

N95Decon :  Great information about how to decontaminate and reuse an N95 mask, plus general information about all types of masks.

NY Times Vaccine Tracker :  Information on what vaccines are progressing through trialling

State Travel and other Restrictions :  Provided by United Airlines, has helpful information that is regularly updated about what is open/closed and if you can visit each state in the US.

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