Free Bus Travel on Megabus in US (For Real – Not a Joke or Trick)

High quality coaches make inter-city bus travel enjoyable with Megabus

Flying is becoming nastier and nastier.  On the other hand, not everyone wants to put extra miles on their car and to pay the ever higher cost of gas.  Trains are far and few between, which means, much of the time, we have no choice but to simply cut back on our travel altogether.

Few of us would ever consider riding a Greyhound bus.  But there’s a relatively new intercity coaching operator – Megabus – that has been making a name for itself by providing upmarket bus service (apparently not an oxymoron) to more than 70 cities in the east and southeast of the US and extending up to Toronto in Canada as well.

Their coaches generally offer free Wi-fi, at-seat power, and restrooms, and their fares are often very affordable.  Sure, it is still a long bus ride, but with Wi-fi to help while away the time, nice views out the windows, and no worry about running out of battery power, maybe it is a pleasant alternative that needs to be reconsidered.

Insider tip :  If you’re sensitive to motion sickness, consider sitting downstairs rather than upstairs – there’s less movement downstairs.  But if you want the best views, of course you’ll go upstairs.

To make it easy for you to try their service, Megabus have today announced a short term sale, whereby they have released 200,000 seats on their services between 4 Jan and 1 March 2012, completely for free.

This isn’t like most airline sales where the cheap fare is never available.  I checked some routes and dates at random and found free seats on all routes.  But, for sure, the free seats will quickly get taken, so if you would like to take advantage of free travel (and who doesn’t like free travel!) you should quickly hurry over to the Megabus website and check for availability.

It is easy to get the free seats.  Simply choose dates of travel between 4 Jan and 1 March (one way or roundtrip, so if your travel starts or ends within this free period but has some sectors outside the free period, that’s okay too), then use the promotion code GOFREE before clicking to search for services.

There are no taxes or other costs, except for a 50c reservation fee.  Heck, you can even take a suitcase with you and not have to pay for that, either.  And you don’t have to worry about a nasty TSA experience, 2 hour advance checkin, aggressive flight attendants, and there’s never a time when you have to turn off your electronic devices.  What could be better than that?

This has to be the best travel deal of the year.

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