This year’s cheesiest (but yet sensible) Valentine’s promotion?

Transcendb As is invariably the case, all sorts of companies try to climb onto the coattails of all sorts of events to sell their products (need I say 'Superbowl'?).  Valentine's Day is no exception, and the usual barrage of overpriced chocolate and flower products is again being thrust in our faces every which way.

So it is a nice change to see instead a humorous and also somewhat sensible promotion appear for Briggs & Riley luggage – the brand which is The Travel Insider's favorite choice of luggage, due to its lifetime no questions asked warranty (a warranty that covers everything, including 'fair wear and tear' and even airline damage), and the underlying quality of construction which makes such a warranty a practical thing to offer.

So (get your groans at the ready) :

If you find yourself without a Valentine this February, the good people of Briggs and Riley Travelware offer an alternative that – they say – improves on the model of the traditional love.  We are talking, of course, about your relationship with your luggage.

Want love that lasts a lifetime?  Briggs and Riley happily tell us that their Simple as That Lifetime Warranty makes sure that’s what you get.  And with the beautiful red color available in the Transcend collection (pictured), you’ll feel like it’s Valentine’s Day without needing a partner.

Below are 12 reasons buying (or gifting, as they hopefully point out as well) a high quality bag is a better emotional investment than embarking on yet another relationship :

 1.  Love doesn’t always last. Briggs and Riley luggage does
 2.  You can rest assured that good luggage will not unzip when it shouldn’t
 3.  Overstuffed luggage will never ask you if it looks fat
 4.  Good luggage will happily wear a name tag saying it belongs to you
 5.  You can shut good luggage up and it will stay shut up
 6.  Your mother will always approve of good luggage
 7.  You never have to fight with your luggage for the aisle seat
 8.  Good luggage is always available for an impromptu romantic vacation
 9.  Good luggage actually makes your life easier
10. Good luggage can take whatever abuse comes its way without complaining
11. Good luggage will look as good on your 20 year anniversary as it did the day you bought it
12. Till death do us part is sort of morbid. A lifetime warranty isn’t

The Briggs & Riley website shows the substantial range of different products on offer.  Many luggage stores offer their bags for sale, although rarely or never discounted.

Alternatively, you can buy it online at (currently with a winter sale and free shipping) or at ubiquitous Amazon too.


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