Scotland’s Islands and Highlands Tours 2010 and 2011

The Callanish Stones

I’m freshly back from a brilliant tour experience around Scotland with our 2010 Scotland’s Islands and Highlands Tour, and can now offer dates and details for the 2011 Scotland’s Islands and Highlands Tour.

The 2011 tour will be almost identical to the 2010 tour, with merely a few ‘behind the scenes’ tweaks on timings to reflect how things went this year, plus a new post-tour optional extension down to York.

We enjoyed incredibly good weather with only the slightest of rain.  We saw a huge range of different things, stayed in some nice hotels, and enjoyed incredibly great cuisine (why does Britain have such an undeserved reputation for stodgy food, I wonder)?  Add to that a wonderful group of people on the tour, and plenty of whisky, and it was such a delight from start to finish that I’ve decided to offer the tour again in 2011.

In case you’re wondering, the picture shows me at the Callanish Standing Stones on Lewis in the Outer Hebrides last week.

This year’s tour ended up full, and I expect next year’s one will too.  So it’s never too soon to choose to join us for our 2011 tour.  Click the link for details of the 2011 Scotland’s Islands and Highlands Tour and its day by day detailed itinerary of everything you’ll see and do.

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