Travel Insider Coffee Mug

The best travel coffee mug ever?  Possibly so!
The best travel coffee mug ever? Possibly so!

We believe this is the very best coffee mug you can get.  Bold words, for sure.  Let us tell you why.

First, it is exactly the right size.  Most coffee mugs claim to be either 14 or 16 ounce (and with a lid on, typically hold less).  A few are 16.7 ounce (500 mls).  None of these ‘work’ if you want to put a 16 ounce coffee (or other) drink in your mug, possibly add some milk or cream, and still have a bit of spare space at the top for the lid and to prevent the contents sloshing over.

This coffee mug is 18 ounces in size, exactly right for a 16 ounce coffee drink.  The slightly larger size also makes it taller and more statuesque – very pleasing on the eye.

Second, it is exactly the right construction.  Some coffee mugs are plastic.  Others are stainless steel on the outside, but plastic on the inside.  Only the very best mugs are stainless steel inside and out, which is what this one is.  Stainless steel is easiest to keep clean, and least likely to acquire odors or flavors from whatever contents you carry in the cup.  For the coffee purist, this is the only way to contain your coffee.

Third, it is both elegant and functional.  It has a classic ‘clean’ design, and is tall but not too tall, with a standard size base for fitting in standard coffee mug holders in vehicles.  At the bottom, it has a non-slip base.  At the top, it has a press-fit lid, with a slide open/shut drinking window.  Personally, I don’t use the lid at all, but most people do, and the lid also has as much stainless steel and as little plastic as possible.

The color is a muted graphite that looks good in all lighting.  Perhaps like you, it is understated rather than ‘in your face’, and it has a similarly muted simple Travel Insider logo – blue on grey.  Just enough to add a special uniqueness to your coffee mug, but not too much to be garish or unclassy.  Again, probably just like you.

You clearly already appreciate the uncompromising search for quality that makes up our three websites (www, blog, and news).  Now you can have that same quality reflected in your choice of drinkware, with your Travel Insider coffee mug.

This marvellous mug is being given away as thanks to people who contribute $60 and above.  If you contribute $120, you get two, and so on, as high as you want to go.

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