2013 Fund Raising – Details of Your Reciprocal Rewards

This year, for the first time ever, you have three different ways to get reciprocal rewards in return for your very much appreciated support.

There’s something here for everyone.  Please read through the lengthy lists of contribution based rewards, prizes, and auctions, and then please choose to contribute at whatever level is comfortable and convenient for you.

 1.  Contribution Based Rewards

Earn rewards in direct return for your contribution.  Your first reward comes with a $10 contribution, an extra reward at $20, $30, $40, two more at $50, another at $60, another at $100, another at $120, still more at $180, $200, and, if you should contribute further, still more too.

Please see the complete reward chart and full details here.

2.  Prizes Galore

Every $10 you contribute earns you a chance at winning any of some 40 different prizes.  Our grand prize is a $479 Briggs u0026amp; Riley Torq roll-aboard, and then we have lots of other goodies too, and we promise you have at least one chance in 50 of winning a prize per each $10 of contribution.

Best of all, each successive prize winner can choose whatever they want from the remaining prize inventory, so as to give you the best chance of getting the goodies you most want.

Please see the complete list of prizes and full details here.

3.  Additional Auction Opportunities

We have some things which will be of enormous value to some readers, but of little or no interest to other readers.  How best to allocate such items so the people who most want them can enjoy them, and the people with no interest in them don’t get given them?

Easy answer – auction them!  So, all contributors are eligible to bid on any, all, or none of the auction items.  If you win, it is yours, and if you don’t, well, it wasn’t meant to be.

Please see the complete list of auction items and full details here.

So, please, do choose to be as generous as prudence allows with your 2013 support of The Travel Insider.  It truly is needed, and truly does help.


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