2013 Prizes

We want every contributor, large or small, to have a chance at getting some really special gifts, and so we have a selection of items that will be awarded randomly to contributors.

Each $10 you contribute earns you one ticket in the drawing.  At the end of the promotional period, an impartial independent person will choose the winners from all entries earned and received.

Now for the really great part.  Although we think all these prizes are wonderful, we know that not everyone will have as great a need for some items as others.  So, you can choose which prize you want.  Obviously, the first person drawn has first choice, the second has second choice, and so on.

Hopefully this concept will encourage you to contribute, and perhaps to increase your contribution so as to get another $10 entry (or more) in the drawing.

So, what might you win?  Let’s see…..  Here’s a quick list, then please read on down for detailed descriptions of each prize.

  • Grand Prize :  A Briggs u0026amp; Riley Torq International Carry On Spinner ($479 value)
  • 18 prizes, each a copy of Ron Salk’s Airport Transit Guide app (some for iOS and some for Android devices)
  • A $35 supply of Life Shotz vitamins
  • Three prizes, each a copy of Baron Wolman’s Classic Rock postcard book (and personally autographed by Baron)
  • An Anker external battery
  • A Kinivo BTX350 Digital Wireless Speaker unit
  • A Kinivo BTM440 Bluetooth Headset
  • Three prizes, each a copy of NY Times best-selling author Tim Larkin’s book ‘Survive the Unthinkable, a Total Guide to Women’s Self-Protection
  • Three prizes, each a copy of Tim Larkin’s Target Focus Training 3 DVD Survival Pack
  • Two prizes, each a set of Eagle Creek Compression Cube packing aids
  • Lonely Planet Great Escapes ‘coffee table’ book
  • A polyester filled J-pillow travel pillow
  • An inflatable J-pillow travel pillow
  • A rare Qantas silk (?) scarf or napkin, ca 1968-1984, never used
  • Five prizes, each a Travel Insider stainless steel insulated travel coffee mug


Prize Descriptions

 coming shortly…..


Terms and Conditions

  • Our independent authority’s decisions will be final in all matters and no correspondence will be entered into.
  • ‘Must be present to win’.  Winners will be given 48 hours to nominate their preferred prize; if an email response is not received within 48 hours, the prize will be passed on to the next person drawn from the pool of entries.
  • Prizes include free shipping within the US.  If you live outside the US, we ask you to cover the cost (no markup) of shipping to your home country and address.
  • No purchase required.  If you don’t wish to support our fundraising drive, you can still participate in the prize drawing.  Please print out this page, write ‘I wish to enter the 2013 Travel Insider prize drawing and have not contributed’ on the form, and legibly print your name, address, and email address, then mail the completed entry to FH Prize Administration, 77 Fortune Green Rd, London NW6 1DR, United Kingdom.  Only one entry per envelope, please.  Entries must be received by contest close to be considered.
  • Your chance of winning depends on both the total entries received and the behavior of prize winners who may be drawn before you.  If necessary, we will add more prizes to the pool to ensure that there is one chance in 50 of winning a prize per $10 entry received. 

The page to contribute from is here, and you can refer to the main page describing all the different reciprocal gifts you can receive here.

Do be sure also to read about the contribution based rewards you will receive from all contributions greater than $1o, and also about our amazing auction items.

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