Behind the Scenes Tour of Heathrow Air Ambulance Facility


Heathrow Air Ambulance has ambulances of all sizes, shapes and colors.
Heathrow Air Ambulance has ambulances of all sizes, shapes and colors.

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Have you ever wondered what goes on at one of the world’s busiest airports when a medical emergency occurs, or when a plane has an ill passenger onboard?

Peter Veazey owns Heathrow Air Ambulance and its sister company, Houston-based Air Ambulance International and has agreed to allow a couple to visit the Crew Room at Heathrow.  You’ll get to see some of the ambulances (which are all Fords imported from the US) and specialty lift type equipment to get people up to and down from airplane doors, and you’ll have a chance to meet some of his company’s frontline staff and get an appreciation of what happens when ‘ordinary’ medical emergencies suffer the added complication of air travel.

HAA's professionals do all they can to provide the most comfortable transportation experience possible.
HAA’s professionals do all they can to provide the most comfortable transportation experience possible.

Peter’s company not only services Heathrow’s needs but also provides medical transportation for passengers all around the world – both air and ground.  It also provides ‘overflow’ service for Britain’s NHS ambulance services.

This behind the scenes tour is of course subject to operational constraints.  Medical emergencies must take first priority.  But if possible, Heathrow Air Ambulance could arrange to collect you from one of the Heathrow air terminals, take you for your tour, and return you back to the Heathrow terminal, making it something ideal to do prior to flying out of Heathrow somewhere (or, for that matter, when you fly in from somewhere, too).

This tour is offered any time prior to the end of 2014.  You may enjoy this experience yourself or give it to a friend.

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