Massive Savings on Marvelous 2013 Christmas Markets Cruise

Our ship for the Christmas Cruise, the lovely new Amacerto, as it passes through Bratislava.
Our ship for the Christmas Cruise, the lovely new Amacerto, as it passes through Bratislava.

Don’t ask us how we did it, but this year – for the first time ever – we’ve beaten the ‘Catch-22’ that has so often been a problem with past Christmas Cruises.

The Catch-22 was that if you wanted to plan your cruise way in advance, you had to pay full cruise price.  The discounts would only come out in the last few months prior to the cruise’s sailing date, by which time most people had already filled their calendar and couldn’t take advantage of the deal.

This happened to us last year, with the deal we secured only coming out two months prior to the cruise’s sailing – too late for most people to respond.  We know you’d love to go on one of these wonderful cruises, but we also know that you don’t want to pay top dollar, and you need sufficient advance notice.

So – guess what.  We’ve managed to get just about the best discount we’ve ever negotiated, and on the best sailing date and direction and itinerary of the entire season, and it is yours to take advantage of, right now!  You get a 40% discount off the regular published cruise fare, plus a bunch of special Travel Insider value-adds as well.  How’s that for a deal – and available now, a full eleven months prior to the sailing date!

Our 2013 Christmas Markets cruise is on one of the new ‘super cruisers’ – the new generation of ships that have started to appear.  They are longer than earlier ones, and with bigger cabins and more amenities on board.  We start with a Travel Insider exclusive – an optional pre-cruise visit to ever-popular Prague, then we enjoy a one week cruise from Budapest to Nuremberg, including more Travel Insider exclusives – a free side-trip to glorious Salzburg, and a tour to our favorite Christmas market of everywhere in Europe (don’t tell the others on the ship about this, because they don’t get to go there!) as well as plenty of fellowship and fun all the way through the cruise.

The cruise runs 9 – 16 December.  Add a few extra days for Prague prior to the 9th.  It fits perfectly in the gap between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and gives you a lovely start to this year’s festive season.

Would you like to know more?  Of course!  So please now visit our main page all about the cruise, plus we have a second page with a detailed day by day itinerary, and if you’d like more, you can also visit a photo-diary of an earlier cruise we did a previous Christmas.

These cruises are our most popular tours of all time.  Hundreds of Travel Insiders have enjoyed them in the past, and some have even participated twice.

So why not treat yourself to an uplifting wonderful pre-Christmas experience along the Danube this December.  With the 40% discount and other Travel Insider inclusions, it is almost like getting two cruises for the price of only one!

We’ve been Christmas cruising since 2004, and this is the best deal we’ve been able to offer you, ever.  Please hurry to confirm your places, while a full variety of cabin types is available for you to choose from.

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