How to Choose the Best Cabin on a River Cruise

As can clearly be seen even from the outside, there are many different cabin choices on a modern river cruiser.

It used to be easy when choosing a cabin on a river cruise.  All the cabins were the same size, with the only difference being the deck they were on, the window size, and – of course – the price.

But now there can be as many as 15 or more different choices for you to make, with all manner of different cabin sizes and deck positioning.  Some cabins now have outside balconies that you can sit on, others have ‘French balconies’ (which actually aren’t balconies at all) and others merely have half height or smaller windows.

Some cabins are as small as 110 sq ft.  Others are more than twice that, and suites can be more than three times the size.

And so on and so on.  There’s such a range of issues to now consider when choosing the best combination of size, location, other features and – of course – cost that we did the obvious thing, and wrote a feature article on the topic.

Should we be proud or embarrassed to tell you that the article grew to an encyclopaedic 4100 words?

If there’s the thought of a river cruise in your future (perhaps our 2013 Christmas Markets Cruise!) why not click over to understand more about your variety of cabin choices.

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