Weekly Roundup Friday 4 February 2011

Tabletsb Good morning

Thanks for everyone who participated in last week's survey about whether or not you own any types of tablets and/or ereaders.

Fortunately, we got a good set of responses, which hopefully provides some element of statistical validity.  But we're a long way short of 100% responding, so please do help contribute to the universal store of human knowledge in our next reader survey.  :)  Apropos which, if you have suggestions for reader surveys, please do let me know.  I think we all find them fun and interesting.

With sixteen different responses possible to the double variable question – do you own 0/1/2/more tablets and do you own 0/1/2/more eReaders, there was a bit more analysis required than normal, but some clear results were obtained.  More people have eReaders than tablets, and if you own either an eReader or a tablet, you're more than twice as likely to own the other device too than if you don't own the first device.

For example, if you don't already own an eReader, there is a 15% chance you have a tablet.  But if you do have an eReader, there's a 38% chance you also have a tablet.  From the other perspective, if you don't yet have a tablet, there's a 28% chance you already have an eReader, and if you do have a tablet, there's a 58% chance you also own an eReader.

This chart shows the percentage of people reporting ownership of tablets and eReaders.  As you can see, more people have eReaders (in total, 35% of readers have an eReader) than have tablets (23% of readers have tablets).  And of people with eReaders, 14% have more than one, while of people with tablets, 6% have more than one.


What else for this week?

There's some information on our lovely Scotland tour this June, some funny stories from Virgin Atlantic about their passengers, bad news if you fly on Allegiant, more information than you thought possible about renting cars in New Zealand, an unsurprising item that Android phones are now the most popular smartphones worldwide, and after the usual outrages in the Security roundup, an incredibly funny video that has to be on your 'must watch' list.

Lots for you to enjoy.


Until next week, please enjoy safe travels



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