Come Join The Travel Insider Scotland’s Islands and Highlands Tour June 2011


Maybe you've been to Britain and to Scotland before.

But have you been to the islands off Scotland's west coast?

Have you ventured up into the wilds of the highlands, way north of Inverness?

Chances are you've done none of these things – yet.

Here's a chance to change that, this June.


Two of the whisky stills at Bowmore Distillery

Have you sipped some world famous Islay whisky in the distillery it was made?  We'll visit a couple of Islay's famous and very distinctive distilleries as part of the tour.

Have you smelled the distinctive smell of an open peat fire, and traveled through the fields where the peat is collected?  We'll see a lot of peat and smell a lot of peat during our travels.

The Harry Potter steam train

Lots more 'have you' questions, too will also be answered on this tour.

For example, have you ridden on the Harry Potter steam train?  We will enjoy this journey on the 'Jacobite' steam train, featured in the Harry Potter movies, and considered one of the finest rail journeys in the world, when we travel from Fort William to Mallaig.

Have you stayed in a castle hotel dating back to the 1300s?  Enjoy the Sunday night before the tour starts at lovely Culcreuch Castle, and feel very safe and secure with the solid six foot stone castle walls.

Two of the group, last year, among the ancient burial stones at Kilmartin Church

And, most of all, have you enjoyed the fellowship and sharing experiences of traveling with a group of fellow Travel Insiders before?

Travel is definitely an experience best shared, and if it is better to share with one person, it can be even better still to share with a dozen more like minded new friends.

The ferry to Islay with the Paps of Jura in the background

Why not choose to join 11 other (so far) Travel Insiders on an 11+ day of Scotland's Islands and Highlands.

The tour includes visiting eight islands (with 11 beautifully scenic ferry rides, ranging in duration from 10 minutes to 2 hrs 45 minutes).

Our luxury coach complete with onboard restroom

The eleven day tour, complete with all breakfasts, two dinners, private luxury coach, train and ferry touring, admissions, and with me as tour leader accompanying you throughout, is priced at between $2795 – $2995 depending on the final group size.

The Royal Hotel in Portree

Here’s a lot of helpful and detailed material about this tour :

The main page detailing the 2011 Scotland’s Islands and Highlands tour.

A day by day itinerary of our 2011 Scotland’s Islands and Highlands Tour, with links to detailed Google maps of each day’s touring.

2010 trip diary author Jeanette and her husband Ken at Finlaggan

And, courtesy of one of our 2010 tour members, here’s a fascinating diary of the 2010 Scotland’s Islands and Highlands tour, as written not by me, but by one of the tour participants.


Please join me (pictured here at the Callanish Stones) and your fellow Travel Insiders on this lovely tour of Scotland this June

We do not expect to run this tour for a third year in a row next year, so you should act now to reserve your spaces for the 2011 tour.

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