Possibly True? Virgin Atlantic reveals unusual passenger requests

Vs7471b I checked, and the date on their press release was February 1, not April 1, but that is not to say the following stories should be accepted as the gospel truth….

However, Virgin Atlantic – the other airline that still flies between the US and UK (and to other places too, in total, to 30 places around the world) – claim that the following list represents actual requests from passengers on their flights.

The most common requests were 'Please can you open the window' (I guess we should be relieved that passengers didn't just try to open the windows themselves!) and 'Can you show me to the showers?' (an understandable mistake in view of the high quality experience when flying with Virgin Atlantic, but it is only Emirates that offers on board showers, and that is restricted to first class passengers on their A380 planes).

Less common requests included

  • Please can I have a cup of tea and book a massage for my Barbie doll? (Virgin offers in flight massages to their Upper Class passengers but not, as far as I'm aware, for Barbie dolls)

  • Can you take my children to the playroom? (Virgin has no children's playroom – but it does have a bar area for adults)

  • I have dropped my glass eye, please could you help me find it?

  • Could you turn the engines down because they are too noisy?

  • Is there a McDonald's onboard?

  • Please can the captain stop the turbulence?

Fortunately, Virgin's cabin crew take such requests good naturedly, and endeavor to do their best to comply.  As an example of that, one time a very famous celebrity pressed her call button and asked the crew member who responded to "fix her hair".

The crew member agreed to this slightly unusual request and headed back to the galley where the other crew members rallied round and provided him with a hair brush, comb and small can of hairspray.  Off he went back to the celebrity, armed with his array of hairdressing equipment.  Upon seeing his diffident approach and hair care utensils, she roared with laughter and explained that she had actually asked 'could he fix the AIR!' and she pointed overhead.

He quickly adjusted the air vent and crept back to the galley sheepishly.

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