Salk’s International Airport Transit Guide – Now an Excellent iPhone App

Salkguideb I’ve long been a fan of Ron Salk’s excellent little reference book, the International Airport Transit Guide – click the link to see a review I wrote back in 2005.

Since the 2005 review, the only thing that has changed has been the annual updates and enhancements to the book, and the coverage has slightly expanded from 456 to 460 airports, spread around the US and rest of the world.

But now, just released, the latest edition has gone electronic.  The book is now an iPhone app – click this link to access it through the iTunes Store :  AIRPORT TRANSIT GUIDE by Salk International (don’t worry, Android owners – Ron plans to release an Android version early in 2011 for you too), and still at the same $9.99 price.

Better still, whereas in the past, we fans of this excellent publication would have to buy a new copy each year, the iPhone app offers free upgrades for I’m not quite sure how long (but for at least one or maybe two or more new editions), giving us a much greater value than that offered by the earlier print edition.

In my 2005 review, I pointed out how the Airport Transit Guide saved me $50 the first time I used it, by making it easy for me to understand how to get to the airport in Munich by train rather than taxi.

Using the iPhone app has continued to save me money and make me a smarter traveler too.  For example, a Brussels taxi driver asked me if I was going to add a tip to the fare for driving me from the airport into the city center.  I knew, from Ron’s book, that the tip was included in the metered fare!

And in considering how to get from downtown Amsterdam to the airport, I wondered how much I’d save by taking a train rather than taxi.   Answer from Salk’s International Airport Transit Guide :   About €52, US$70.  That sure motivated me to tow my suitcase a couple of blocks to the train station!

Some ebook format travel books don’t work, because they aren’t as convenient in how they are laid out as a good old fashioned printed book.  But the new ebook version of Salk’s International Airport Transit Guide works perfectly.  It is conveniently laid out, concise and succinct, and a joy to have.

If you do any sort of air travel, you’re sure to find yourself relying on this the same as I do, and saving money from using the information contained therein, again the same as I do.  And the change of mental perception, from being a travel ‘victim’ with insufficient knowledge, to being a travel ‘victor’ with excellent knowledge, really provides an excellent start and end to any travels you make.


2 thoughts on “Salk’s International Airport Transit Guide – Now an Excellent iPhone App”

  1. This sounds like a great to have, very useful book. Amazon offers a used print copy (only 1) of it for $999.00 and no Kindle version. It would be nice if it were offered in Kindle version for those many of us who do not use iOS or Android. Thanks.

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