Wi-Fi is Bad for Trees

Dyingtreesb As longer time readers will know, I'm gravely concerned about the health dangers associated with cell phone radio waves.  But that's not the only type of electromagnetic signal to worry about, oh no, not by any means.

How about the growing omni-presence of Wi-Fi signals, too?  The good news is that you don't usually carry around a Wi-Fi transmitter held closely to your head (well, actually, you do if your phone also has a Wi-Fi connection in it!); the bad news is you might have multiple Wi-Fi devices in your house and office, all continually transmitting all day every day, and with varying amounts of radio energy being absorbed by your body.

The impact of Wi-Fi radiation have not been considered as often as cell phone radiation, but here is a surprising and scary article that seems to show that Wi-Fi radiation is harming trees.  Okay – so we are not trees.  But if radio waves can do this to trees, surely they must be doing something to us as well.

Because we can't see, smell, or feel radio waves, and because radio powered devices are so profoundly useful and essential in our lives, we have tended to look the other way and assume there is no danger associated with filling our living environments with invisible intangible radio waves.

Let's hope we're correct.  But should we continue gambling our health and longevity on this untested assumption?  Perhaps it is time to review this more closely and carefully, and if there are found to be dangers from uncontrolled ever-present radio wave exposure, we should factor this into the future design of wireless devices.  Currently the only limits imposed on radio wave emissions are those caused by battery life and by interference with other radio devices.

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