Nov 222010

Oh my gosh.  Here's an amazing helmet cam video showing an engineer climbing to the top of a 1768 ft transmission tower; part of the way without any sort of safety harness or anything.  (There's a 17 second pre-roll opening credit first.)

The good news – on a clear day, you can see 55 miles in all directions.  The bad news – well, guess!

Best viewed on up close to a big screen.  Not!


  3 Responses to “Warning – Vertigo Sufferers Should Not View This”

  1. Oy! Drenched in sweat after that. Especially the last bit where he’s casually attaching his safety line with both hands.

  2. I just wanted him to ‘fix it’ and get the heck back down…should’ve shown him on solid terra firma at the end!

  3. Yikes! Wonder how much they pay these guys, and if their life insurance premiums are “sky-high”?! [sorry couldn’t resist!]

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