Nov 082010

Googlechromelogo2b Christmas is coming a bit early this year, at least if you are flying on an AirTran, Delta or Virgin America flight between 20 November and 2 January.  Google is sponsoring free on-board Wi-Fi on all flights operated by these three airlines over this six week period, if the planes have on-board Wi-Fi capabilities.

What's the catch?  Nothing much.  It seems you'll have to access the internet via Google's Chrome web browser, so download a copy here (it is free) before your next flight.

I've used Chrome for a year or two now.  It is as good a browser as any of the other browsers out there, and can be customized and made even better by adding some extensions to the basic browser.

  2 Responses to “Free on-board Wi-Fi Courtesy of Google Chrome”

  1. “Useless” for me, since there’s no Chrome for iPod Touch (and iPhone/iPad).

  2. Please understand that Chrome is NOT required to use the free wifi on these airlines. You can check each airline website for the browsers that CAN be used.

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