How to Make a Flight Safety Briefing More Interesting

Sure, the flight safety briefings on every flight we ever take are unchanging in their boring routine and mindless monotony.  Is there a person on the planet who doesn’t know how to unfasten a safety belt?  And would any of us remember the instructions for how to put our life vest on in an emergency?

But while we are bored from hearing/seeing this presentation hundreds of times, spare a thought for the flight attendants, who have to hear and do the presentation tens of thousands of times.  If it is boring for us, imagine how terrible it is for them.

Occasionally flight attendants and sometimes entire airlines try to make their briefings slightly more fun, particularly these days when they might be given in the form of a slick pre-recorded specially produced video.

And then there are more amateurish – but enthusiastic – attempts at spicing things up as well.  Such as, well, such as this :


This Youtube video (of flight attendants on a Cebu Pacific Airlines flight in the Philippines) has gone viral and at the time of writing, has had almost 7 million viewings (that Youtube is aware of) since it was released less than a week ago.  And the most visible of the flight attendants – subsequently identified as Karen Tracy Vitug – now has 22,600 hits appearing when you search for her on Google.

Ah, the internet.  Such an amazing thing, isn’t it.


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