Aug 242010

Jetblue is holding a one day sale offering some
great discounted fares for travel on Tuesday/Wednesday travel only between 31
August and 27 October this year.  Coast to coast fares are $139 each way on
the routes issued, shorter travel is less expensive (eg New York to Boston for
$29 each way, or to Orlando for $64 each way).

The catch?  You've got to buy your tickets by
the end of the day today (11.59pm local time).  So if you can fit your
travel around the Tues/Wed restriction, rush to
their website
and click on the Sample Sale banner on their home page.

Needless to say, restrictions apply, and PFCs are

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  1. Unless it includes two cans of beer and a trip down the escape slide, I’ll pass. 😉

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