Jul 272010

Many thanks to
Skyscanner, an airfare
search/comparison website that searches across 600 airlines and 670,000
routes for the best fares, for this amusing set of suggestions on how to
avoid paying excess baggage fees to the airlines on your next vacation.

They are suggesting, doubtless tongue in
cheek, that you should consider what they term a 'nakation' – going
somewhere where, ahem, clothes are optional.  Think of the
reduction in clothing needed if going somewhere where you'll be naked
most of the time.

Here are the top five places to strip off,
according to Skyscanner.  I have no experience of these
destinations myself!

Naked Sauna – Kotiharju, Helsinki, Finland

Finns have long enjoyed getting hot and
naked with their friends and the country boasts an average of one sauna
for every household. The Kotiharju Sauna in Helsinki claims to be the
only remaining public sauna in the city that is still heated by a wood
burning stove and is highly recommended as a place to strip off with up
to 30 other strangers and steam yourself silly.

Naked Golf – La Jenny, France

Easily reached with plenty of cheap airfare
to Europe, La Jenny naturist resort in South West France offers Europe’s
only naked golf course. With six holes spread over 22 acres, as well as
an indoor and outdoor driving range, golfers can forgo the
sometimes-tacky, plaid pants in favor of of a more natural look!

Naked Village – Costa Natura, Spain

This cosmopolitan village on the Costal Del
Sol has nearly 200 apartments and was the first naturist settlement in
Spain. Fans of nakedness enjoy the freedom of roaming in their birthday
suits in a quiet, secluded place with fellow nude enthusiasts.
Holidaymakers can grab flights from New York with a connector to Malaga
and get naked with the villagers in no time.

Naked Festival – Japan

Every year in the town of Okayama, 9,000
scantily clad men take to the streets to celebrate Hadaka Matsuri –
Naked Festival. An important Shinto tradition, the event has become
popular with tourists who also join the locals dressed only in loin
cloths. The festival cumulates in a giant naked scrum where participants
try to touch a ‘special naked man’ who is believed can absorb all bad

Naked Scuba Diving

If coming close to creatures of the
underwater world isn’t exciting enough – why not take skinny dipping to
new depths with a naked dive? Buff Divers is a company that offers
‘clothing optional’ scuba at sites all around the world. Cold water
dives are obviously out, so expect tropical locations and warm seas.
Naked divers should watch out for stinging creatures, spiky sea urchins
and stray conger eels.

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