Tip : Put a Shoe in Your Hotel Room Safe

Do you use the in room safe that most hotel rooms provide these days?  If you don’t, and you lose something in your room, you may well find that the hotel refuses to accept liability.

But if you are like me, you may be reluctant to use the in room safe for fear of forgetting to remove your valuables prior to checking out.

Reader Jerry shares a great strategy to ensure you do not forget anything you might have in your safe.  He
says you should put one of your shoes in the safe, making it impossible to leave the room without opening the safe and emptying its

He realized the good sense of this when almost at the airport, but without his wallet, which he’d left in the hotel room safe.

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4 thoughts on “Tip : Put a Shoe in Your Hotel Room Safe”

  1. David- I really like this new way of delivering your content. It matches the way I read most everything else..via feed to a gadget on my iGoogle home page. But am concerned that the feed that I just now set up does not have your last two posts [Airfare to New Zealand is the latest link showing]…? Thanks for all your efforts to keep us informed. Cheers, George in San Diego

  2. Hi, George
    Glad you like this.
    I think that when you set up a feed, possibly it only starts working forward for new articles after that time? So hopefully you’ll get all future articles, and can browse back through older articles here on the site as and when you choose.

  3. while i think this is a brilliant solution, to avoid forgetting your valuables, be very weary of hotel in room safes,several clients of mine have reported, that they lost substancial amounts of money stolen from their in room safes!kora

  4. After locking safe: Push some chewing gum into the safe’s network socket to avoid fate of Kora’s clients.
    (Regardless, the safe may be best for heavy/bulky things of some value, not so much for “substantial amounts of money”.)

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