Inaugural Post

In October 2001 I first started publishing my weekly newsletter.  Something like 500 issues have been written and emailed since then.

Almost ten years, in internet years, is a tremendous time.  The world has changed, and so too has the internet and how we use it.  My feeling is that weekly newsletters are no longer as exciting and new a concept as they were back then.  We now have new ways to get information sent to us – Facebook, Twitter, and blogs.

Blogging has come of age as a mature technology and accepted way of publishing and receiving information, and the time has come for The Travel Insider weekly newsletter to take the next step in its internet presence.  Accordingly, this post marks the start of the newsletter in its new blog persona.

One of the key obstacles that prevented me from doing this sooner was the lack of a way for readers to still get the blogged version of the newsletter emailed to them, the same as before.  That is no longer a problem, and you’ll see on the top right of this page a link to sign up for an emailed newsletter subscription.

Just as before, your email address is secure and won’t be spammed.  Just as before, everything remains free.  Unlike before, you’ll get newsletter emails more regularly during the week, rather than just one issue every Friday morning, and hopefully, the formatting and interactivity will be improved too (try it and see – you can now comment on my individual articles if you wish).

I hope you’re as excited by this as I am.  What do you think?  Post a comment/reply to this blog entry and let me know.


20 thoughts on “Inaugural Post”

  1. This is an excellent idea! While I do enjoy the Friday newsletter, it does require some time to read.
    Several “newsletters” I subscribe to send small articles daily and, naturally, require only a small investment of time. If it looks interesting, there’s a “read more” link. Otherwise I can just hit delete and move on.

  2. From the point of view of my reading, I think this is an excellent plan. My worry would be about your fundraising. I’m not familiar with people thinking (yet) of readers supporting bloggers financially. If I’m right about that mind-set, then fundraising might, perhaps, turn out to be even harder than it is now. I experience your newsletter each week as “an event”, so to speak, that asks me to pay attention to it as such (kind of like the arrival of the daily newspaper in the old days), whereas I dip into blogs rather randomly, and only at my ad hoc convenience.

  3. Barbara Dickinson

    The format in which we receive your information isn’t as important to me as the content. I would recommend you use the format that works best for you and see what kind of reader comments you receive. I enjoy the newsletter, usually saving it till I have time to read and enjoy. I’m open to new ideas.

  4. I too like the idea. Reading a little everyday is easier than the long Friday newsletter – which, sadly, I sometimes ignore.

  5. David…
    I would agree with Mike Mathis above, in that “I experience your newsletter each week as ‘an event,’ …” and I tend to access blogs seldom, since I am an active participant on The Travel Forum on CompuServe … yes, CompuServe is still around! <smile>
    That said I can understand with the internet evolving daily by leaps and bounds, subscriptions for your newsletter are dwindling <sigh>.
    However, I’ll continue to pay to subscribe, whatever format you decide to use! Just keep sending whatever out regularly as e-mail … personally I look forward to reading whatever you send!

  6. allen d unvert, md

    I like the idea of several posts per week, rather than one long read. I also don’t usually blog but will try and learn with your service.

  7. I have enjoyed the newsletters but am willing to try the blog. I would prefer them comming in email format as I have not used blogs before. I liked the layout of this blog.

  8. I like this idea. I’m not a blogger either, but I think the shorter daily email is better. For a reason that I can’t explain, even to myself, I’ve been ‘ignoring’ your Friday newsletters a lot. Perhaps because it is so long and I’ve been busy.
    I also like the idea of a ‘read more’ link, as mentioned above. Most of the newsletters I receive have that format.
    Keep up the good work!

  9. Thanks for asking our opinions. I personally prefer the newsletter, as I anticipate its arrival, and can look forward to an “event.” I would be ok with a blog, and do note one formatting advantage — the ability to include photos with the content. I do feel your commentary on the ash cloud is enriched by having the map mid-commentary.

  10. I think the blog makes sense, although it requires active participation rather than the push of an e-mailed newsletter. The consolidated daily e-mail will remove this hindrance. Thanks for keeping us up-to-date with travel news and all of the rest.

  11. Linda Ackerman

    I like the idea of more frequent shorter mails during the week and, as mentioned by Dot, the blog can incorporate “visual enhancements.” Thanks for all the work you do to keep us in front of the curve.

  12. David, Which ever you decide is perfectly acceptable. It’s content that perks my interest, not the delivery. Your descriptors are a thing of beauty…., and always provide a good chuckle.
    SOo Just Keep-Em Com’n!

  13. David,
    Having been a subscriber since 2001 I understand and applaud your desire to try something new. I am not too much into blogs, however I must admit the format you have presented is actually much more appealing and an easier read than some of your more recent newsletters.
    I, too, enjoy the newsletter, but find the length of some of the information a bit daunting to absorb in one sitting. (Apparently it is true, our collective attention spans must be diminishing, sadly).
    I also like the idea of the photos or graphics (yes I am attracted to shiny things) to enhance the message you are trying to convey.

  14. David,
    I like the new format of the blog especially considering it will include photos and graphics! It also seems like it will be easier to move quickly from one topic to another. It’s your style of writing I find entertaining and keeps me coming back for more.

  15. I agree with Barbara; content over format is the more important criteria. I have looked forward to receiving the newsletter for years. As long as I get a pointer via email that causes me to look at a blog, it does not present much of a change if on-line. Keep up the great work!

  16. David, I neither blog nor tweet, but can learn if necessary. I enjoy your weekly newsletters, but would also learn to appreciate shorter topics sent daily. Please do whatever is easiest for you, as it is the content of what you write rather than the format that is important to me.

  17. Jennifer Nedeltchev

    This is a great idea – the layout is pretty, and the photographs complement the content quite nicely.
    Plus the staggered newsfeed/commentary is appealing.
    Well done, David!

  18. I have looked forward to the weekly email newsletter, so I was not looking forward to this format change. However, so far, so good. I am enjoying the blog.

  19. I also have found the blog an interesting change but would prefer to have the daily email to remind me to look at the blog. Reading a small amount each day will be easier to absorb than the usual long email once a week. Like the others here, I also enjoy your content and look forward to each week’s newsletter, although sometimes do not get to read it until I have more time (sometimes a week later). Keep up the good work.

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