2021 Touring Calendar

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We have created three core tours for August and September of this year (we also hope to have a European Christmas Markets tour in early/mid December, but won’t be publishing details of that until maybe July).

These tours can be combined in any way at all – you can join any of the tours on any day, and leave any of the tours on any day, too.  They are timed so each tour runs consecutively after each previous tour (with a day or two of connecting time between where each tour ends and the next tour starts – we’ll provide great connecting experiences too).

This page explains our reasoning for deciding to offer tours in August/September.  At the time of the latest update (30 April) it remains a slightly uncertain decision, and of course, we won’t be confirming or locking you in to the tours until we can all be certain about what the reality will be.  But if you’d like to come, we urge you to register your interest as early as possible – there’s a lot of pent up demand!

Please note – for the safety of you and everyone else on these tours, you will need to have completed a one/two shot Covid vaccination program at least two weeks prior to joining.

The three main tours and featured combo-tour are (immediately below picture) :

A group of Travel Insiders on a previous Great British Expedition – this picture at Land’s End.

Wild Wales :  Starting in Chester on the morning of Thursday, 19 August (we suggest you arrive on Wednesday or earlier) and ending in Cardiff or Shrewsbury or Glasgow on the morning/afternoon/evening of Thursday 26 August.  Day by Day Itinerary here.

Scotland’s Four Corners :  Starting in Glasgow then New Lanark on the morning of Saturday 28 August (we suggest you arrive one or two days earlier) and ending in Edinburgh or York on the afternoon or evening of Monday 6 September.  Day by Day Itinerary here.

Overlooked England :  Starting in Salisbury on the morning of Wednesday 8 September (we suggest you arrive on Tuesday or earlier) and ending in Oxford on the afternoon of Thursday 16 September.  Day by Day Itinerary here.

The Great British Expedition :  A combination of part of the Scotland and England tours, so you can do the entire route from John O’Groats in northeast Scotland to Land’s End in Southwest England (JOG-LE).  Starting in Inverness on the morning of Friday 3 September (we suggest you arrive on Thursday or earlier) and ending in Penzance on the afternoon of Monday 13 September (we suggest you stay on at least another night/day).

Any Other Combination :  Because these are Travel Insider Tours, you have an extraordinary degree of flexibility.  We’re here to make your travels easy and enjoyable, not vice versa.  So you can join anywhere on any day, on any tour, and leave anywhere on any day, on any tour.  Just let us know what is best for you, and we’ll do what we can to make it happen.

You can see how the tours fit together on the calendar/chart.  Click here to open a larger and easier to read copy of it.

Here’s a map of where our Wild Wales tour will visit.  The blue is mainly coaching, and the brown is the optional “Heart of Wales” train journey on Thursday 26 August.

Below is a map of the coaching itinerary for our Scotland’s Four Corners tour.  It can start anywhere/anytime on the Wales tour, or on the journey north from Shrewsbury, or in Glasgow or New Lanark.  It ends in either Edinburgh or Glasgow, or continues on by train to York, and then on to Salisbury the next day to join the Overlooked England Tour.


Below is the coaching itinerary for the Overlooked England tour.  You can join us on the Scotland tour, or in Edinburgh at the end of the tour, York, Stratford upon Avon, or Salisbury, and ends in Oxford at the train station.


Click these links for specific tour pages on each tour :

Wild Wales

Scotland’s Four Corners

Overlooked England

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