2019 British Land Cruise Calendar

We have two main tour, plus pre and post options before, between, and after, to give you a rich combination of choices
We are offering two “land cruises” in June 2019, both mainly in England, but with bits of Scotland and Wales included for good measure.

They are designed so they can be taken either singly, or combined into one larger tour. There is also an optional pre-tour before the first land cruise, an optional tour that is between the first and second land cruises, and then an optional tour at the end of the second land cruise.

Click the links for each of the tour pages
Main Tour Page & Joining Form
Date Summary Chart
First Landcruise - The Cotswolds
Second Landcruise - Yorkshire

This gives you a lot of choices, but possibly also, ahem, a bit of confusion. So we’ve tried to color code things for you in the table above and the date listing, below.

Please also visit our day by day itinerary pages for more detailed information of everything you’ll see and everywhere we go – this is just a quick summary so you understand the dates. And the main tour page, with pricing, and the joining form, is here.


Sun2 JunLeave the US today (or earlier) if you wish to arrive in the UK tomorrow (or earlier)
Mon3 JunYou should probably be in Edinburgh or Glasgow today (or earlier) if you wish to take the pre-cruise touring that departs tomorrow morning.
Tues4 JunCotswolds Pre 1Pickup in Edinburgh or Glasgow this morning, travel via the Ayrshire Coast and Dumfries to the Lake District
Wed5 JunCotswolds Pre 2Local touring in the Lake District
Thu6 JunCotswolds Pre 3
Cotswolds 1
Travel from the Lake District via Royal Leamington Spa and Oxford to Burford
Main cruise starts either with afternoon pickup in Oxford or anytime arrival in Burford
Fri7 JunCotswolds 2A day in Oxford
Sat8 JunCotswolds 3We’ll visit the monthly Farmers Market in Charlbury as part of a day of touring around the Cotswolds
Sun9 JunCotswolds 4To Cardiff (Wales) for the day
Mon10 JunCotswolds 5A free day to enjoy as you wish
Tue11 JunCotswolds 6We’ll visit Gloucester, traveling part of the way by vintage steam train, and see some Harry Potter sights in this lovely cathedral town.
Wed12 JunCotswolds 7Today we’ll visit Stratford upon Avon and Warwick Castle, one of the best preserved and most impressive of all England’s castles.
Thu13 JunCotswolds 8
Cotswolds Post 1 (or) Yorkshire Pre 1
Our Cotswolds Land Cruise ends this morning.  We can drop you back at the Oxford train station, or you can come on to Coventry if you prefer.

The optional post-tour continues on to Buxton, the gateway to the Peak District.  We go first to Coventry, with a stop for lunch, and then continue on to Buxton where we’ll stay for two nights.

If you are joining us for the pre-Yorkshire tour, you could either arrive the previous night in either Burford or Oxford, or join us this morning in Oxford or Coventry.

Fri14 JunCotswolds Post 2 (or) Yorkshire Pre 2We’ll spend today touring around the Peak District National Park.  Craggy hills (“tors”) and beautiful villages surrounded by unspoiled scenery, plus one of England’s greatest stately homes (Chatsworth House) and some other delights too.
Sat15 JunCotswolds Post 3 (or) Yorkshire Pre 3
Yorkshire 1
Today we travel on via Leeds to York.  If you’re ending your time with us today you can either leave us in Buxton or travel with us to either Leeds or York.
If you’re arriving for the Yorkshire Cruise, you’re welcome to arrive anytime today in York.
Sun16 JunYorkshire 2We’ll visit two different abbeys – Fountains and Rievaulx.  These are both ruined, but very different to each other, and both in stunningly beautiful locations.
Mon17 JunYorkshire 3Today we’ll go to Pickering where it is their weekly market day, see ‘the most beautiful house in Britain’, and take a steam train for a journey over the North Yorkshire Moors, with a chance to do a lovely outdoor hike (gently downhill) too.
Tue18 JunYorkshire 4We’ll take a regular train today from York to the seaside town of Scarborough (which also has its market day today.
Wed19 JunYorkshire 5A day in lovely historic York, including tickets for the hop-on, hop-off bus tour of the city so you can sightsee at your own pace.
Thu20 JunYorkshire 6We’ll travel over to the spa town of Harrogate today, the beautiful cathedral town of Ripon, and then after lunch treat ourselves to visiting one of the finest craft breweries in Britain.
Fri21 JunYorkshire 7Today we head to the very grand Castle Howard, featured in the Brideshead Revisited television series, then switch to a much less grand location – a former WW2 prisoner of war camp now made into a fascinating museum, Eden Camp.  Lunch in the nice little town of Malton.
Sat22 JunYorkshire 8
Yorkshire Post 1
Our Yorkshire Land Cruise ends this morning.  You can either leave us in York, or travel with us up to Newcastle upon Tyne if you wish.
For those continuing on to the post-tour, we will make our way leisurely up to Newcastle today.
Sun23 JunYorkshire Post 2Today we’ll skirt the Pennine Hills, and for quite a distance follow Hadrian’s Wall, before turning north into Scotland, going past the happy making town of Gretna Green (where people went to elope) and the less happy town of Lockerbie (the Pan Am crash) before ending in the stunning setting of the New Lanark World Heritage Site for the night.
Mon24 JunYorkshire Post 3Today we go first to enigmatic Rosslyn Chapel, home to many mysteries and featured in Dan Brown’s “The Da Vinci Code”.  You’ll have time for lunch in Edinburgh (or leave us if you wish) then we travel on to Glasgow if you wish to leave us there, and finally, another option – we’ll take you to our favorite Scottish Castle to enjoy an overnight stay.
Tue25 Junoptional
Yorkshire Post 4
If you stayed on for the castle experience yesterday, today we’ll take you first to Stirling and then on to Glasgow in the mid afternoon, which will be the end of your extension.  Depending on your travel plans, you might take a train from Stirling or Glasgow, or overnight in Glasgow and continue your travels on Wednesday.


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