All About Our 2013 North Korean Tour

Tour leader David Rowell with a fellow tour member at the Mass Games, an extraordinary experience that exceeded everyone's expectations.
Tour leader David Rowell with a fellow tour member at the Mass Games, an extraordinary experience that exceeded everyone’s expectations.

After a very successful experience in 2012, we are offering a second tour to North Korea in 2013.  We’ve designed this tour to be extremely flexible, but as part of its flexibility, it can be a bit complicated to understand exactly what your options and choices are.

Furthermore, and quite understandably, people want to know a lot more about what is involved in a tour to North Korea than they generally feel they need to know about a regular tour to a ‘regular’ destination.

So we’ve tried to re-do the information we have about the tour, and also have added extra pages with more information, in a hopefully logical sequence.  But if you want to just take in all the information at once, you can still go to our original ‘all in one’ page describing the tour here.

Here is a list of the new pages :

All in One Page – Lots and Lots of Stuff, all on one page

North Korean Tour 2013 Summary – Dates, Details, Prices

North Korean Tour 2013 Registration

North Korean Tour 2013 General Information

North Korean Tour 2013 Optional Extensions

North Korean Tour 2013 Day by Day Itinerary

North Korean Tour 2013 Frequently Asked Questions

North Korean Tour 2012 Trip Diary

As always, feel free to ask (or phone to 206 337-2317) if you have any questions about this or any of our other tours.


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  1. Hi David, I found you on JoeSentMe. I was not looking for the North Korea stuff — more about your app reviews and how you write about destinations, but I have actually been to North Korea. I’d love to talk to you. Have to see if I can get my phone to work today. I’m in NJ, and a lot of cell towers are down; so service has been fickle since Sandy. You can go to my very not updated site at: — Marian

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