Covid-19 Diary : Thursday 25 November, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving.  I guess that by the time you receive this, you’ll be well finished eating and might have even taken a “post-prandial nap” to allow the body to concentrate on digesting for a while (guilty confession – I did!).  Or maybe you’ve been busy being “the life of the party” while surrounded by friends and family.  I hope you’ve had a great day, however you’ve spent it.

Before moving into the regular content, can I please bring to your attention the new book I’ve just reviewed, “Viral: The Search for the Origin of Covid-19“.  You probably already realize I’ve given little credence to the official protestations of innocence by the Chinese government about where and how the virus emerged, and it is great to see such a thoroughly detailed analysis and exposé of every possible part of that lie now be published.  The staggering amount of research and detail the two writers put into their 400 page book has me in awe.

Something else I’m in awe over is a two part series on this website.  The entire website is great, and this three part article, starting here, carefully puts the ivermectin “controversy” into perspective, and makes it abundantly clear that the doctors advocating for its use are not crackpots with MDs they bought online for a few dollars, but are senior distinguished leading members of their profession, with impressive resumes and accomplishments.

I sub-titled my review of the virus book “A book that should make you angry”.  If the book makes you angry, the articles on the above-linked website will make you furious at the perfidy of the people we need to rely on and trust, but obviously can not.

Here’s a slightly more nuanced article, headed “Again and again, the FDA fails American patients“.  I agree with the general concept of the FDA’s failures, but am anxious the article cites the slowness of the FDA to approve the new mutagenic drug, molnupiravir, as an example of the FDA’s failure.

But perhaps it is an example, in an unintended form.  It is an example of how criminally slow the FDA often is to act on anything (other than vaccine approval requests).  I’ll wager the FDA is going to approve molnupiravir (and I’m unsure if that is prudent or not), and the FDA’s current “crime” is simply being slow – please don’t confuse slowness with thoroughness!

Current Numbers

In the minor country list, Gibraltar’s new case count continues to soar in spite of the entire population having been vaccinated and 48% having had a booster dose.  Doesn’t that throw shade not only on the vaccines themselves, but on the value of booster doses, too?

A big surprise in the major country list.  The Netherlands has soared from fourth place last week to second place this week.  The UK is now within 0.5% of the US number and may well overtake in the next few days.

Romania’s fading surge carried it up one more place in the death list.

And the usual wide range of changes in the “most active last week” country list.

Europe continues to “own” the most active list.  Overall, Europe experienced yet another 15% rise in weekly reported cases, with a total of 2.45 million new cases.  France had the biggest rise (75%), distantly followed by Spain (51%), Belgium (45%), Portugal (44%) and the Czech Rep (34%).  At the other end of the scale, Romania dropped another 32%, and the fire has gone out of the Baltic states, with Latvia dropping 29% and Estonia 23% (and more modestly, Lithuania at 14%).  Germany had a 26% rise, and the UK went up a gentle 9%.

In North America, Canada was up 8% and Mexico rose a stronger 30%.  The US probably rose about 5% or so.  And, yes, in case you haven’t noticed, I more often need to say “probably” for US numbers than any other country, due to imprecisions and reporting delays that seem more severe here than elsewhere.  The world in total rose 7%.

Top Case Rates Minor Countries (cases per million)

RankOne Week AgoToday
1Montenegro (244,745)Montenegro (248,344)
4Gibraltar (201,324)Gibraltar (210,589)
6Slovenia (188,367)Slovenia (197,804)
8San MarinoSan Marino
10Estonia (162,203)Maldives (164,526)


Top Case Rates Major Countries (cases per million)

RankOne Week AgoToday
1Czech Republic (181,104)Czech Republic (192,056)
2USA (145,044)Netherlands (147,437)
3UK (142,179)USA (146,830)
4Netherlands (138,407)UK (146,546)
5BelgiumBelgium (142,281)
6Sweden (116,590)Sweden (117,468)
12Turkey (99,348)Turkey (101,353)


Top Death Rate Major Countries (deaths per million)

RankOne Week AgoToday
1Peru  (5,974)Peru  (5,979)
2Czech Rep  (2,959)Czech Rep  (3,029)
3Brazil (2,852)Romania (2,929)
4Romania (2,851)Brazil (2,859)
6Colombia (2,478)Colombia (2,484)
7USA (2,365)USA (2,393)
10Italy (2,205)Italy (2,212)


Top Rates in New Cases Reported in the Last Week (new cases per million) for Countries over one million population

RankOne Week AgoToday
1Slovenia  11,061Czech Rep  10,935
2Austria  9,729Austria  10,732
5Czech RepSlovenia
12Denmark  4,509Germany  4,625


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Items below include a “horrific” new virus variant, natural immunity compared to vaccine immunity, high frequency radio waves might not only be dangerous to us, but to viruses too, another hospital being sued and forced by a judge to give ivermectin story, even after the hospital’s outright lies, an alarming study about mRNA vaccine safety, governments ignoring promising new vaccines while continuing to press us to take more and more vaccines that don’t seem to be working, WHO states the obvious yet again, an interesting analysis of CFRs and their implications, NZ to stay closed right through its summer season, vaccine passports to have an expiration, another shortage, and the danger of seeking natural Covid immunity.




Please stay happy and healthy; all going well, I’ll be back again on Sunday.

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