Covid-19 Diary : Thursday 11 November, 2021

I’m continuing to find interesting things about natural immunity acquired after having come down with a Covid infection.  As you’ll recall, I have wondered why there’s been so little interest in discussing this, or factoring it in to any of the “equations” and projections of disease spread and public health control issues such as restricting access to various things to only those people who have been vaccinated.

Why are we not giving equal “rights” to people with natural immunity that we’re giving to people who have been vaccinated?  This is a particularly relevant question for two reasons :

(a)  I am increasingly of the opinion that vaccinated people are catching the disease as often as unvaccinated people; the only difference is vaccinated people are less likely to die from Covid.

(b)  Similarly, it increasingly seems that vaccinated people are as likely to infect other people as unvaccinated people; indeed, some studies suggest vaccinated people are more likely to infect other people!  This is because their infection is less severe and so they might not realize they are infected, and so might not modify their behavior and self-quarantine.

These two issues also make one wonder why exactly we’re lavishing so much hate on unvaccinated people.  One person said this week, addressing the unvaccinated on Twitter

You have the right to harm yourself. You do not have the right to infect others.

I agree no-one has a right to infect others.  Absolutely not.  But when we consider that vaccinated people are as likely to infect others as unvaccinated people are, doesn’t that invalidate this person’s point?

The only “harm” that unvaccinated people seem to be causing to vaccinated people is clogging up our healthcare system.

But, I’m straying off-topic.  Back to the fundamental issue – we know that vaccine-based immunity is short-lived, and only really helps us stay out of hospital.  What about natural immunity?

The CDC claims there is not yet enough known about natural immunity.  If that sounds like a familiar claim, it is because that’s also what they say about ivermectin, even though there have been 129 studies involving 50,000 patients about ivermectin, so far.

It turns out that we do actually know a huge amount about naturally acquired immunity.  There are 123 research studies listed in this article.  Not all of them are specific to Covid-19 only, but most of the studies address issues that seem like they might apply to any type of natural immunity.  (I discuss one of these in the additional material, below.)

Let’s now look at something the CDC actually truly does not know.  It does not know of a single case of a person with immunity after a previous Covid infection subsequently infecting someone else with Covid.  While many people who have been vaccinated do this, there is not a single documented case of a person with natural immunity doing so.  This is not to say it is not happening, but it is curious that there are no examples of this, particularly because if there were, it would massively strengthen the orchestrated claims that natural immunity is either useless or of unknown value.

Why are the CDC and FDA and WHO and most other national/international public health organizations continuing to drone on incessantly about the need for vaccines, while ignoring the potential benefit of natural immunity?

The only possible answer seems to be the same answer as why the same organizations ignore the benefits of ivermectin treatment, but are now lining up to rush to praise and purchase the new “wonder drugs” from Merck and Pfizer.  That answer is “money”, and careful lobbying from big pharma to ensure that lower cost alternatives to their drugs and vaccines never get any mention or acknowledgement.

In case of ambiguity in my comments above, please do not think I’m advocating you should go get infected with Covid, in order to get the uncertain benefits of natural immunity!  That is totally the wrong thing to do.

One last introductory comment, on the growing social activism of doctors.  A BC (Canada) doctor has diagnosed one of his patients as suffering from “climate change”.  Would you put your life in the hands of that doctor?  I wonder what he prescribed as a cure?

Current Numbers

Lithuania rose two places in the minor country list, with St Barth having a matching two place drop.

In the major country list, it would seem Sweden rose one place, but it is probably better to say that Argentina dropped one place.  Sweden is experiencing a very low rate of new Covid cases, but Argentina has an even lower rate.  Turkey appeared at the bottom, nudging out Colombia.

There were no changes in the death rate list.

There were the usual swings and roundabouts in the countries most affected by new Covid cases last week.  We now have a “clean sweep” – all twelve most affected countries listed are in Europe, as are the next seven after these twelve.

Europe as a whole had further strong growth in new cases, another 15% rise.  Of the 3.3 million new cases in the world over the last week, 1.9 million of them were in Europe.

Worst affected countries were Hungary with a 77% rise, Poland with a 66% rise, and Germany with a 59% rise.  France had a 52% rise, Spain and the Netherlands both had a 48% rise, and Italy had a 47% rise.

At the other end of the scale, Latvia and Romania both enjoyed a 35% reduction in new cases, Sweden’s case numbers continue to fall, by another 20% this week, and the UK had an 11% rise.

In North America, Canada had a 5% rise in cases, and Mexico had a slight 1% drop.  The US probably had about an 8% rise in cases – something the media are soft-pedaling at present and describing as “leveling out”.

The world as a whole saw a 7% rise in cases, almost entirely because of Europe and the US.

Top Case Rates Minor Countries (cases per million)

RankOne Week AgoToday
1Montenegro (233,475)Montenegro (240,050)
2Seychelles (224,073)Seychelles
5Gibraltar (180,865)Gibraltar (187,903)
6Slovenia (166,506)Slovenia (177,302
7San MarinoSan Marino
8St BarthLithuania
10Lithuania (156,510)St Barth (160,214)


Top Case Rates Major Countries (cases per million)

RankOne Week AgoToday
1Czech Republic (166,986)Czech Republic (172,928)
2USA (141,446)USA (142,947)
3UK (134,693)UK (138,193)
4Netherlands (126,081)Netherlands (131,093)
6ArgentinaSweden (116,008)
7Sweden (115,505)Argentina
12Colombia (97,055)Turkey (97,464)


Top Death Rate Major Countries (deaths per million)

RankOne Week AgoToday
1Peru  (5,965)Peru  (5,969)
2Czech Rep  (2,876)Czech Rep  (2,914)
3Brazil (2,837)Brazil (2,844)
4Romania (2,602)Romania (2,739)
6Colombia (2,469)Colombia (2,473)
7USA (2,315)USA (2,340)
10Italy (2,192)Italy (2,198)


Top Rates in New Cases Reported in the Last Week (new cases per million) for Countries over one million population

RankOne Week AgoToday
1Estonia  9,544Slovenia  10,794
2Slovenia  8,428Croatia  9,506
9AustriaCzech Republic
12Armenia  4,226Ireland  4,878


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Items below include an analysis of claims that Sweden’s permissive approach caused it to avoid a Covid disaster, can the head of Britain’s NHS count, another doctor sues his hospital employer for permission to prescribe ivermectin, an interesting study but which carefully avoids studying the key issue, are booster shots soon to become mandatory, Canada’s 75%+ fully vaccinated rate isn’t stopping its case numbers from climbing again, is Russia massively undercounting is Covid casualties, how to enter the US from Canada, and a light-hearted spoof that is almost indistinguishable from what the authorities are telling us for real.




Please stay happy and healthy; all going well, I’ll be back again on Sunday.

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