Covid-19 Diary : Thursday 23 September, 2021

Here’s an interesting article, by a physician, that tries to explain why so many doctors accept and repeat the “conventional wisdom” of CDC/FDA statements and guidelines – even if they know them to be nonsense.  It echoes comments that physicians have shared with me after first anxiously swearing me to secrecy and ensuring that what they say to me is “strictly off the record”.

As further evidence of that article’s theory, see this interesting and disturbing “hidden video” This article has more background on the secret video recordings.

Continuing in a similar vein, this article suggests the Wuhan cover-up is not the exception, but is more typical than we’d imagine.  But at least, sometimes (but not always) the truth gradually emerges, and in this case, The Lancet – the once-prestigious medical journal that has now embarrassed itself several times – is doing a U-turn from originally being at the forefront of the “Wuhan-deniers” to now admitting that it is a probable source and credible theory.  A shame they didn’t do the fact checking and credibility checking and conflict-of-interest checking (26 of the 27 signatories had Chinese ties) before their damaging article last year made the Wuhan theory almost singlehandedly into a truth that dared not speak its name and which was “fact checked” into near-oblivion for almost a year.

The problem is made worse by the sad situation when scientists are not being “economical with the truth” they are being similarly economical with good sense, as was clearly illustrated by this earlier crazy idea for bat-based coronavirus research in the wild.

But that’s solidly sensible compared to this terrifying story – scientists have developed and now wish to grow fields of genetically modified corn that contain a gene that gives men an antibody that kills their sperm.  We’re just one or two mistakes away from killing off the entire human race with such experimentation.

And, as the grand ultimate example of suspect scientists, the much praised (increasingly mainly by himself) Dr Fauci has now done yet another of his 180° reversals.  Just a week or so after advocating vaccine booster shots for all, now that he senses the wind is blowing the other way, he’s rushed to put himself ahead once more and now supports the policy of limiting the booster shots.  Stay tuned for guaranteed to be future reversals on this point by Fauci.

Current Numbers

Aruba re-appears at the bottom of the minor country list, having narrowly edged out French Polynesia.  The major country list had no changes.

The US rose one position in the death rate list, trading places with Mexico.

In the activity last week table, the UK soared five places.  The US dropped two.  Europe as a whole saw a regrettable 2% increase in cases, with the worst hit countries being Slovakia, with an 88% rise, Romania with 75%, and both Lithuania and Poland at 28%.  At the other end, Sweden had a 48% drop in cases (as did tiny Monaco), Norway and Switzerland both registered a 31% drop, Spain and Portugal had a 25% drop, and France came in with a 24% drop.

Closer to home (for most of us), Mexico registered a 29% drop, and Canada switched from its weeks of growth and enjoyed a small but surely appreciated 2% drop in cases.   The world as a whole had a strong 9% reduction in cases.

Top Case Rates Minor Countries (cases per million)

RankOne Week AgoToday
1Seychelles (211,370)Seychelles (214,513)
2Montenegro (198,173)Montenegro (204,369)
4Gibraltar (162,208)Gibraltar (163,217)
5San MarinoSan Marino
6St BarthSt Barth
9Georgia (148,176)Georgia (151,282)
10French Polynesia (142,037)Aruba (143,037)


Top Case Rates Major Countries (cases per million)

RankOne Week AgoToday
1Czech Republic (156,981)Czech Republic (157,264)
2USA (127,897)USA (130,578)
5SwedenSweden (112,872)
6UK (107,426)UK (110,736)
7France (105,958)France
8Spain (105,316)Spain
12Colombia (95,776)Colombia (95,965)


Top Death Rate Major Countries (deaths per million)

RankOne Week AgoToday
1Peru  (5,932)Peru  (5,937)
2Czech Rep  (2,834)Czech Rep  (2,837)
3Brazil (2,749)Brazil (2,766)
8Mexico (2,071)USA (2,109)
9USA (2,065)Mexico (2,099)
10Tunisia (2,037)Tunisia (2,061)


Top Rates in New Cases Reported in the Last Week (new cases per million) for Countries over one million population

RankOne Week AgoToday
1Israel  6,431Mongolia  6,173
2Mongolia  5,769Serbia  5,395
3Serbia  5,262Cuba
4CubaIsrael  4,927
5GeorgiaUK  3,335
9USA 3,155Costa Rica
10UK  3,052Georgia
11Costa RicaUSA  2,638
12Palestine  2,912Estonia  2,629


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Items below include the danger of confusing desperate hope with actual reality, another reference to a possible treatment, and more on nasal sprays too, being from the government and here to help doctors, at-home Covid testing, another new virus variant and how we’re encouraging the development of worse and worse variants, a fascinating video with one of the original developers of mRNA capabilities, more shameful (shameless?) lies about ivermectin being dangerous and fringe, data comparing Covid vaccine deaths to all other vaccine deaths, some progress on possibly the best of all vaccines, J&J want to sell extra doses of their vaccine too, a look at vaccination rates and trends, a US update, doctors and hospitals exaggerating the truth beyond breaking point, more bad news about what to expect in the future, Dr Fauci finds himself again on the wrong side of a topic, the essential nature of KFC, and a terrible shortage in some US states.




Please stay happy and healthy; all going well, I’ll be back again on Sunday.

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