Scotland’s Four Corners Tour – June 2020

Sometimes, empty beauty is the best beauty of all. Here we are traveling along a deserted one-lane road on the Isle of Mull.

The favorite tours we offer are probably the ones to Scotland.  There’s just so much to explore and enjoy in the empty highlands of Scotland, far from the madding crowds.  You can relax in the emptiness and beauty of the landscapes, drink in the scenery and the ambience, slow down in the islands, and really experience somewhere truly different.

For 2020, we’re offering a new itinerary that combines the most popular elements of earlier tours and some new components too.  We visit Scotland’s extremities – the most northern, southern, western and eastern points of mainland Scotland, as well as, of course, much of the stuff “in the middle” too.  If you join us on this tour, you’ll literally have seen more of Scotland than most Scots, few of whom even know where these four points are.

The main tour is nine nights, and we have optional three night extensions before and after the main tour.  Even better, it is synchronized so it happens conveniently after our France Bordeaux and Beyond landcruise.

Whether you treat yourself to 9, 12, or 15 nights of Scotland (or any other number too – join and leave whenever you choose), and with or without France, this promises to be a great tour, and – as always – featuring a wonderful group of fellow Travel Insiders.

Please come and join us on this lovely tour next June.  Full details here, and a day-by-day itinerary here.

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