Bordeaux and Beyond Land Cruise May 2020

Bordeaux was once the largest port in all of France. Its former wealth and prominence is now richly apparent all around with the wonderful buildings giving character to the historic city center.

Most of the people who enjoyed this year’s French tour felt the highlight was the optional extension at the end – time in the Bordeaux region.  For sure, every time I visit, I find the city is even better than before – cleaner, more prosperous, and with a very positive “vibe” to it.  No wonder it has been accorded World Heritage status.

Of course, the fact that it is surrounded by the finest wineries in the entire world doesn’t hurt, either, but even if you’re not a wine-lover, there’s plenty to see and do in Bordeaux and nearby.

So we’re making it the focus of our 2020 “Bordeaux and Beyond Landcruise” – a full week in Bordeaux, with excursions out to lovely places nearby on most days.  We supplement the main week with a pre-tour option in Marseille and along the French Riviera, and a post-tour option up to the lovely Loire Valley to see some castles and chateaus and gardens.

Please visit the main tour page for full details, and the day-by-day itinerary page for more about what we do each day.

I hope you might choose to come and enjoy this lovely experience with us in May 2020.  It is also timed so that our English and then Scottish tours follow on immediately afterwards.

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