Amazing Amazon Fire HD 10 Special

The Fire HD 10 is currently on sale, reduced from $149.99 to $99.99. Amazing value for a large-screened good performing tablet.

When we sent out the weekly newsletter this morning, we guessed Amazon would offer some Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals on their electronic devices.

But we never expected them to come out with crazy low prices already, today.

This page has their current deals, available for you to order now.  The deal that jumped off the page at us is the lovely Kindle Fire HD 10.  Normally $149.99, and currently $99.99.

This is an outstanding deal.  Maybe even get several!  The Fire HD 10 has a lovely high-resolution screen that plays full HD video without up/down sampling, it has Alexa integration, meshes in to the rest of the Amazon infrastructure, and also is a great Android tablet with large screen and good battery life.

It is available in several different options and configurations, and you’ll not go wrong with any of your choices.  We chose the cheaper 32GB version, but we then added a large 128 GB SD card to it as well.  We’ve plenty of storage space remaining on both, even after downloading several dozen movies from both Amazon and Netflix onto the card.  A 128GB Micro-SD card is available for about $15 (generic) or $22 (name-brand).  We buy name-brand cards, because they are only a little more and you can have more confidence in their reliability.

You might want a protective cover/case as well.  This is the one we purchased, but there are dozens of others to choose from, too.

Of course, keep checking Amazon for more deals, but this deal now announced for the Fire HD 10 is definitely something to take advantage of now.  There are also some tempting offers on some of their other products, but nothing quite like this.

Amazon are also offering free shipping for everyone at present.

(We expect there will be a deal on their smaller Fire HD 8 at some point too, probably dropping its price from $80 to $60 or even $50, but with the small amount extra to get the vastly superior HD 10, we suggest not to be tempted by the Fire HD 8.

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