2019 Great Britain Land Cruises

Quaint shops along the main street in the lovely Cotswolds town of Broadway.

We’re combining two popular concepts and giving you a special chance in 2019 to enjoy a special type of touring in two special parts of Britain in June.

We are offering two “land cruises” – these are our tours where we stay an entire week in one hotel, just like on a cruise ship, while touring each day in the region around the town we’re based in. Due to Britain’s very small size and huge variety of things to see and do, it is possible to do this with only a modest amount of touring each day, while getting to see wide ranges of sights and sites.

You have all the convenience of unpacking your bag only once, and none of the hassle of a cruise ship based itinerary.

There’s still a stately Victorian feel to the spa town of Harrogate in Yorkshire.

Our first tour is in the beautiful Cotswolds, one of Britain’s officially designated Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and our second is in Yorkshire, with the Yorkshire Dales National Park on one side and the York Moors National Park on the other side.

We add an optional tour, starting in either Edinburgh or Glasgow, and enjoying two nights in the Lake District National Park before the start of the Cotswolds cruise/tour.
We have another optional tour, two nights in the Peak District National Park (Britain’s first ever National Park) which is either an optional tour after the Cotswolds tour or an optional tour before the Yorkshire tour (the two main cruise/tours have a two-day gap between them).

And there is one more optional tour, after the Yorkshire tour, that takes you back to Scotland, including a night at a World Heritage site in a former Industrial Revolution mill, now a lovely hotel, and an optional night in our favorite Scottish castle, too. This tour ends in your choice of either Edinburgh or Glasgow.

To make it even more convenient, and again unlike a ship cruise, if you’re struggling to fit other commitments in to the tour dates, you can join us on any day at any stage of any tour, and leave us on any day at any stage of any tour, too. Furthermore, you’re welcome to skip any of the touring you don’t wish to do, and if you want to stay somewhere and return back later in the day, that’s not a problem either. Chances are you’re not far from our hotel, and it for sure isn’t going to sail away later in the evening!

David at Rievaulx Abbey in Yorkshire.

The tours are full of sightseeing, breakfasts every morning, and both welcome and farewell drinks and dinners for both tours.

The two main tours are great value – about $1995 each – even a little less if we fill them. And there are no port charges to add to that rate, either! Both feature me (David Rowell, The Travel Insider) as your “Cruise Director”, offering you personal help as may be needed.

Sounds great? We certainly think so! Please now visit the main tour page to read more about the tours, the itineraries, the options, and the dates.

We hope to see you, in Scotland or England, next June.

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