Special Bargain Newsletter Sunday 19 November 2017

Amazon’s new 10.1″ large screened tablet, available on special for a short time at $100 rather than its normal $150.

Good evening

As you surely know, we’re in the run up to Thanksgiving.  That doesn’t only mean turkey on Thursday, it also means Black Friday, and as you also surely know, the concept of Black Friday has broadened, particularly with online retailers, who added a Cyber-Monday, and now – especially at Amazon – are offering things such as all-week specials.  Black Friday is no longer a single 24 hour period, but instead it has become a week, or potentially even longer.

I’ve been eagerly watching Amazon for deals, and you should too.  I just now encountered one so exciting I felt it worth a special newsletter to update you on.

Their lovely new 10.1″ screen tablet is on sale at present, with its normal list price, already a bargain at $149.99, dropped down to a stunning $99.99.

This discount is substantial, whether you consider it as a 33% reduction or a $50 reduction.  At the time of writing, their earlier 8″ model remains at $80 (and the 7″ unit, now essentially irrelevant, remains at $50) – there’s every chance they might be discounted too during the week ahead, and I’d not be surprised to see the 8″ unit drop to $60.

But – the 10.1″ at $100 is one heck of a deal.  I wrote about the unit when it was first announced, and reviewed it when it first came out, barely a month ago.  In both cases, I was recommending it at $150, so imagine how positive I am now at its new $100 price.

The key point to appreciate is there’s a lot of improvement between it and the 8″ unit.  The screen size is actually 60% larger – a huge difference that is obscured in an apparently small change in screen diagonal size.  There is an even greater increase in pixels – from 800 x 1280 pixels (1.024 million) up to 1200 x 1920 pixels (2.304 million).  That’s more than twice as many pixels, greatly increasingly the screen quality (pixel density increases from 189 ppi to 224 ppi) and also enabling the 10.1″ unit to show HD videos in full resolution, rather than down-sampled on the smaller 8″ and 7″ tablets.

Whether you want one for yourself, or as a spare, or as a gift, at $100 it seems hard to go wrong.  It is not clear how long the deal will remain, so if you’re tempted, you probably should urgently order one asap (assuming the deal is still there when you read this).

I hope to come out with a complete Christmas Gift Giving Guide as part of this coming Friday’s content, but this is something that can’t wait.

And, oh yes, in case you’re wanting to read something other than Black Friday ads, here are some interesting/amusing stories of what happens in Air Traffic Control Towers.

Until Friday, please enjoy safe travels.





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