Great Britain Grand Expedition June 2018

Traveling between Land’s End and John O’Groats is a ‘bucket list’ activity for the British, and a wonderful expedition/experience for us.
Tintagel Castle, reputed birthplace of King Arthur, looks best in the mist.
Driver Jim on the left, and yours truly on the right.

Previous tour members at the windiest place in all of Britain, and the northern most part of the Hebrides.
Chances are you’ve been to Britain before.  Perhaps several or even many times.  But there’s probably plenty you’ve not yet seen, and would enjoy a chance of experiencing.

For example, have you spent two days of quality time touring around Cornwall?  Or the Cotswolds?  How about the Orkney Islands (many people don’t even know where they are!).

Similarly, maybe you’ve been to Stonehenge, although possibly not since the latest round of visitor center improvements and the road closure.   But have you been to the largest stone circle in Europe, just a short distance away from Stonehenge?  Or to some of the many other stone circles and other ancient things, elsewhere in the country?

And while you might have traveled extensively through England, Wales and Scotland, have you ever done the famed ‘bucket list’ journey from Land’s End to John O’Groats?

Our Travel Insider Grand Expedition (over 2000 miles of touring, but comfortably spread over 17+ days) offers all these things, and is akin to a post-graduate degree course.  You’ve probably already ‘graduated’ from London stays and now are looking for more involving and more special experiences.  Our tour is designed to appeal to well-traveled people who now seek out the less well-known and more unique elements of the countries they visit.

We leave London out of the itinerary entirely.  You certainly can add it before or after the Grand Expedition, but what we primarily offer are places you’ve probably not seen much of before.  Maybe you’ve stayed in Bath – we feature Bristol.  Maybe you’ve stayed in the midlands – we give you Chester.  Maybe you’ve stayed in Glasgow or Edinburgh – we offer you a 700 yr old castle outside of Glasgow.

What you end up with is an extraordinary set of experiences across the length and breadth of Britain.  I’m of course going to be leading the tour myself, and expect to be joined by a wonderful driver (‘coach captain’) who has proved his worth on the last two Scotland tours.  Best of all will be the group of fellow like-minded Travel Insiders you’ll be sharing the tour with – this is something that consistently adds to everyone’s enjoyment annd experience.

The tour is in mid June next year, and to make it really easy for you, you can join and leave the tour on any day.  Full details of the tour, and two additional pages outlining the places we visit and things we’ll do and see, can be found here

It would be lovely to welcome you onto what promises to be our best ever tour.

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