Always a Good Deal – Temporarily a Great Deal

Amazon’s lovely HD 8 Fire tablet, now on short-term special for only $69.99, comes in four different colors.

Amazon’s 8″ screened tablet has been placed on special, and for a short time is only $69.99 rather than $89.99.

Even if you’ve bought one or two before, at that price, it becomes hard to resist the temptation to buy another one (or two!).

Amazon has also put their 7″ screened tablet on sale, dropping its price from $49.99 to $39.99.  The thought of a fully featured tablet for only $40 is astonishing, but we suggest you spent the extra $30 for the larger tablet.  Furthermore, we’ve seen the 7″ tablet offered at lower prices before, but this is the first time we’ve seen the 8″ tablet discounted.

We’ve written and reviewed this new (released in September 2016) 8″ tablet before, and our comments remain current today.

In particular, note the point in the review article about how the seemingly small difference in screen size actually makes a very big difference to both screen area (36% larger) and also the all-important pixel count (67% more pixels).  These two factors do make a tangible and visible difference.

We love the ability, now offered by both Amazon and Netflix, to record their streaming movies and watch them later (eg on a long flight).  If this is something you too might want to do, you should buy a 128 GB or larger Micro-SD card to go with the unit, too.  And therein lies another of the reasons why you should consider this over an Apple iPad – you can’t add Micro-SD cards to the generally comparable $399 Apple mini-iPad units.  Amazon also lets you store music from their music streams too, but the sound quality is not as high as if you ripped tracks from your CDs and stored them on the Fire in FLAC format.

Maybe for yourself, maybe for someone else as a gift, or maybe just as a household spare, you might wish to consider this excellent value tablet at its current great price.

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