2016 New Zealand Tour Now Released

Some of our 2014 tour members enjoying a lovely lunch at a winery before being personally shown around the winery by its owner (and an old school friend of David's).
Some of our 2014 tour members enjoying a lovely lunch at a winery before being personally shown around the winery by its owner (and an old school friend of David’s).

Yes, returned by popular request after our very successful and closely similar 2014 tour, we now have the details online for our Oct/Nov tour to New Zealand, with, as a special bonus, our first ever touring to Australia added as a post-tour option.

This tour, in NZ’s glorious springtime, has a mix of the key tourist sights and some ‘off the beaten track’ experiences too – you’d of course expect this in any Travel Insider experience, and doubly so in a tour to David’s home country of New Zealand.  We include attendance at New Zealand’s special Food and Wine Classic Festival in Hawke’s Bay, where you can get to select exactly the events and activities you wish to attend during this wonderful weekend filled with different activities and choices.

Add in the optional pre-tour time in NZ’s tourist mecca of Queenstown, and a night in little visited Gisborne, NZ’s hidden gem and the first city in the world to see the sun each morning, and you truly do have what we’re terming an Epicurean Extravaganza.

The same as last time, we’re keeping the numbers down low on this tour, so as to make it more special.  Rather than a generic coach tour, it will be a convivial shared experience with friends.

Please do come join your fellow Travel Insiders and soon-to-be new friends.  Full details here.

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