Please Vote for the Most Beautiful Planes in the World

This Soviet plane, first flown in 1973, is very obviously not a contender for the most beautiful plane in the world!
This Soviet plane, first flown in 1973, is very obviously not a contender for the most beautiful plane in the world!

To some of us, planes are more than just functional devices to quickly transport us from point A to point B – they are also things of abstract (and real) beauty.  Probably even the most jaded traveler can see the beauty inherent in the smooth flowing lines of certain planes, whereas other planes are instantly and obviously ugly.

Do you have a personal favorite?  What do you consider to be the most beautiful plane in the world?

We are inviting all readers (and please forward this to your friends too – let’s get as many people participating as possible) to vote for their favorite three planes, and have prepared a list of generally considered as beautiful planes for you to admire, browse through, and then vote on.  Recognizing that not everyone has the same opinions, it is even possible that your favorite plane isn’t on the list, and so we’ve allowed for ‘write in’ nominations as well as the 21 planes selected.

We know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but as much as you can, please consider and rate the planes purely on their appearance.  We’re not asking what is the fastest plane, the biggest, the newest (or oldest).  We’re not asking which does its tasking the best, which is the most stealthy, and neither are we asking which is the most comfortable to fly in or the safest.

We’re just asking for you to choose the top one, two or three most beautiful planes ever built.

Here’s the page with the plane pictures and brief descriptions of each plane.   Simply click on your choices and then press the ‘Send In Your Vote button at the bottom.

6 thoughts on “Please Vote for the Most Beautiful Planes in the World”

  1. Your present contest to name the most beautiful airplane evolved from your previous comment that _____ was the Queen of the Skies. I sent you a correction for which you have now brought about your name-the-plane contest. Be advised that the Lockheed Constellation was nicknamed the Queen of the Skies before you were born.
    Captain (retired) Eastern Airlines

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