Poseidon Polar Cruise Becoming Even Better

An 'open bridge' policy adds to the interest and experience on Sea Spirit.
An ‘open bridge’ policy adds to the interest and experience on Sea Spirit.

Last week I announced our first ever ‘Expedition cruise’ on the inaugural sailing of Poseidon Expedition’s new ship, Sea Spirit, in May 2015.

With a great itinerary and wonderful value, it is a very exciting opportunity to see parts of the world that few tourists manage to visit, and places which even fewer people can experience with the degree of luxury and comfort that we’ll enjoy on Sea Spirit.

It is understandably proving very popular with Travel Insiders (six people have already decided to come on our cruise).

At the time I told you about the cruise, I was a little vague about one part of the cruise – an exclusive offer to you and your fellow Travel Insiders, extending the cruise by a night and inviting you to participate in the ship’s acceptance ceremonies in Hamburg.

Poseidon has now confirmed a more detailed and extensive plan of celebrations and VIP ship-touring events, and have greatly extended their offer to us.  If you have some additional time to spare, you can now enjoy up to three more days on the ship – all at no extra cost!

You can now choose from five different cruise embarkation options :

  • Sunday 17 May in Hamburg
  • Monday 18 May in Hamburg
  • Tuesday 19 May in Ijmuiden (ie Amsterdam)
  • Wednesday 20 May in Ijmuiden
  • Friday 22 May in Edinburgh

All the first four joining dates are offered to you at the same price, and the Edinburgh date is offered for about $1000 less.

So, if time allows, and you’d like a chance to sightsee a bit in Hamburg and Amsterdam (or elsewhere in Holland while berthed in Ijmuiden), plus if you’d enjoy a rare opportunity to cruise up the Elbe from Hamburg to the North Sea then down to Ijmuiden, you’ve now got this special opportunity to do so, and at no additional cost to you at all (well, other than off-ship sightseeing, etc).

The only thing better than a Poseidon cruise?  A free Poseidon cruise!  And now you can enjoy three free days of cruising as an extension to the main cruise to Scotland, the Faroe Islands, and around Iceland.

Full details here.  Simply choose your preferred embarkation port and date when requesting to join the cruise (using the form near the bottom of the webpage).

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