Stop Press : Amazing Luxury Arctic Expedition Cruise Deal Next May

The lovely luxurious all-suite Sea Spirit.
The lovely luxurious all-suite Sea Spirit.

Good evening (or any other time of day)

I’ve just completed putting together something so great that it couldn’t wait until Friday to share with you (particularly because it is happening fairly soon – next May).

It really is just a coincidence that this is coming to you right around the rush (or should that be, ‘crush’!) of Black Friday specials.  But if you’d like to think of it as The Travel Insider’s own splendid Black Friday Special, please do so, and goodness knows the value in this amazing tour we’re now announcing qualifies as very special.

Also in keeping with the concept of Black Friday specials, there is limited availability for this deal.  We have negotiated an extraordinary deal, but for a maximum of 20 lucky Travel Insider readers, and with myself as escort.

We are delighted to now have Poseidon Expeditions as a supporter of The Travel Insider, and with their cooperation have come up with a great opportunity to join the inaugural cruise of their latest ship next May.  This is not only a wonderful standalone cruise, but also would make a brilliant pre-tour extension to our Scotland tour in June, because the cruise ends just a few days before the Scotland tour starts.

Adding further relevance to the cruise is its itinerary – it includes Scotland’s remote Orkney and Shetland Islands, so with the cruise and the tour, in total you’d be doing a ‘clean sweep’ of the islands around the Scotland coast.

To quickly introduce Poseidon Expeditions, they specialize in high quality ‘expedition’ style cruises in small ships around the Arctic and Antarctic, including nuclear icebreaker cruises to the exact North Pole.  They’ve been in business since 1999, and are shortly to take delivery of a new ship, ‘Sea Spirit‘.  This vessel is new to them, but has been around for a while – it was originally the ultra-luxurious boutique cruiser, Renaissance V, built in Italy in 1991, and most recently updated and enhanced in 2010.  Sea Spirit takes up to 114 passengers, in 54 spacious suites, the smallest of which is 215 sq ft.

They’re freshening up the ship after taking possession of the vessel early next year, and then their inaugural sailing leaves Holland on Wednesday May 20 for a 14 day cruise.  The four country cruise crosses over to Scotland, continues up through Scotland’s Orkney and Shetland Islands, then on to the Faroe Islands (an autonomous country within the Kingdom of Denmark) and around the coast of Iceland before ending in Reykjavik on Tuesday 2 June.

Now, okay, we’re risking keeping you away from your turkey.  Let’s cut to the chase.

Here are the special exclusive Travel Insider deals we’ve put together with Poseidon to persuade you to join us (quite apart from the great itinerary and places we go to) :

1.  You probably expect this one.  Poseidon have agreed to re-open their ‘early booking discount‘ (even though it is nothing close to ‘early’) on the published fares, reducing the starting price of $6790 down to a temporary low price of $5093 per person share twin.

Oh – the really nice thing about these fares?  There are no ‘port fee’ surcharges, or hidden ‘documentation fees’ or anything else.  What you see is what you pay.

But, wait, we’re just starting the list….

2.  Now take a further discount off all the already discounted prices, ranging up to $948 per person (full pricing below).  That’s an exclusive Travel Insider-only deal.

3.  A ‘better use of time’ option.  Frankly, the first couple of days of the cruise are underwhelming – joining the ship in Ijmuiden (close to Amsterdam) and a day at sea crossing over to Edinburgh.

If you’re short of time (especially if doing the Scotland tour too), why not join the ship in Edinburgh on Friday 22 May.  That will also save you another $1000 or more per person.  The net result is the lowest price per person, after these discounts, drops from $6790 to $3995, although we expect most people will choose cabin options at perhaps the $4545 or $4995 level.  Private balcony suites are now as little as $5895 (down from $9490).

4.  On the other hand, if you’d like to do the full cruise, then Poseidon would like to invite you to be their VIP guest at the ship’s fleet acceptance ceremony in Hamburg earlier in the week, and sail on the ship down to Ijmuiden (a fascinating cruise up the Elbe to the North Sea and then around the coast to Ijmuiden), have a free day in Ijmuiden (ie go the very short distance in to Amsterdam) and then take the regular cruise onwards from there.

Best of all, as a Travel Insider VIP guest of the ship owners, there’d be no charge for an extra day of cruising and experience.

5.  A space available suite upgrade.  If there are available suites in the next category up from the category you book in, then close to departure I will get you confirmed into the upgraded suite at no extra cost.  This could save you a further $600 or more, and might see you in one of the lovely private balcony suites, but only paying for a regular suite.

6.  One of our popular Travel Insider exclusive cocktail parties on board the ship.

7.  A free tour of Reykjavik.  After disembarking (and assuming you’re not making a tight flight connection), we’ll be taken for a private Travel Insider tour of Reykjavik’s highlights.

8.  Yet another discount!  If you wish to add the Scotland tour after your cruise, we’ll reduce the combined tour price for both the cruise and tour by $250 per person.

9.  If you’re traveling alone, you can either pay a single supplement or ask for a ‘guaranteed share’ rate that may or may not see you sharing a cabin with a like-minded fellow traveler (but avoiding the single supplement in any event).

10.  Take a child or grandchild with you for free.  Each couple can have a child 16 or younger (but recommended to be at least 12, children 8 – 11 can be considered on a case by case basis) travel in their cabin with them at no extra charge (sleeping on the sofabed).

How’s that for a great set of ten reasons to come enjoy this cruise next May!

For full details, fares, and of course, to send in your request to join, please visit our webpage that tells you more.

I look forward to seeing you in Hamburg, Ijmuiden, or Edinburgh, and sharing this cruise with you next May.

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