Weekly Roundup, Friday 23 May 2014

ankleinbedbGood morning

I’d indicated last week that I expected to be out of town and possibly unable to send out a newsletter this week.

Well, I got that half right.  I am at home, but as you can see (and, yes, there are indeed now metal pins screwed into some bones and sticking out the sides of my leg) I’m not quite 100% fighting fit.  A combination of three surgeries since last Friday, powerful painkillers and even more powerful pain, and no easy way to write means there’ll be no newsletter this week.

What happened?  I slipped while mowing the lawn last Friday morning.  That was all, but sufficient to cause some ‘really unusual’ fractures in two bones and some unpleasant experiences in the days subsequently, with the certainty of many more still to come.  I guess I’m living proof that most accidents happen at home, and alas, I’ve no-one to blame but myself.  Just an unfortunate unexpected event.

I’m not sure what next week holds, but hopefully can offer you more than this week.

Until next week, may you not only enjoy safe travels, but safe time at home too


25 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup, Friday 23 May 2014”

  1. Charles Kennell

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery.those of HS with fractured extremities sympathise .we understand.

  2. All it takes is time and doing what they tell you!! All those screws mean your bones are stronger and you will learn more about the joys of TSA! We all pray for you!!!

  3. Hi David,
    I hope you make a complete recovery and this injury will not have a long term impact on your travels.

  4. Oh my goodness! Ditto on the wishes for a speedy recovery. I was trying to think of something to say to a Traveler who is now stuck moving around less. I guess life wants you to sit still for a little while and enjoy your home. Frank A. Clark once said ““If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere” but who knew the obstacles would be in your own back yard after all your travels. Most accidents do happen in the home they say. More reason to get well quick. In the meantime, take a much needed rest and give your furry companion there an extra pat on the head for me. I love reading everything you write but we’ll still be here eagerly awaiting the time you’re hopping about again.

  5. The pain is no fun, so I hope the healing is strong and steady. On the “bright side,” at least you will have time to catch up on reading the books on your list and watching some of the old movies you have never seen.

  6. Professor David, I am praying for you: no pains, more smiles, more newsletters… be safer wherever you are…

  7. Get well soon. So sorry to hear. I empathize with you. I also had a silly mishap around the house , resulting in major injury. When we got up that fateful day we never would have imagined that the end of the day would see us in a cast with screws jutting out!

  8. David A. Robinson

    Hi Dave
    I also rolled my ankle at work in March. Off to the hospital for x-rays. Nothing broken, just a bad sprain. Ankle is still slightly swollen, tender and cracks when I move it certain ways. Management offered to put me on “lite duty” which is worse than regular duty !
    Took four days off, been working since. My guess is I really stretched some ligaments in my foot, but in a few years it should be as good as new !
    I hope your recovery is speedy and complete. Keep up the good work with the Newsletter !

  9. David, you are now programmed to have fun with TSA and other Airport agencies. They do not like metal screws… anywhere.
    Get well soon…..
    PS: looks like you have great company who appreciates you a lot……
    Does your dog know how to fetch the beer?

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