Amazon’s Short Term Special Sale : Kindles from Only $49

Amazon's Kindle, now on sale for as little as $49.
Amazon’s Kindle, now on sale for as little as $49.

Last week I was writing about a wonderful new source of free eBooks (and I continue to get another free book, myself, most days), and as a prefatory part of that article, did a quick review/roundup of eBook readers.

Just this afternoon news has broken of a short-term sale Amazon is holding, with $20 price reductions on its entry level Kindle (reduced from $69 to $49) and its Paperwhite Kindle (from $119 down to $99).

I suggested, in my review last week, that if you don’t already own a Kindle, now would be a great time to get one.

Well, if last week was a great time to get one, what does the $20 reduction today make the price now?  The $20 is almost 30% off the standard Kindle, and at a new low price of $49, that’s about what you’d pay for two or three hardback books.  Buy the Kindle, then start treating yourself to the free books.

The Paperwhite, now for a dollar less than $100, is also very compelling if you’d like to choose the slightly upgraded model (see comparative details in my article last week).

We think Amazon may have dropped its prices temporarily so as to win some Mothers Day gift buying business.  Whether you are buying for yourself, your mother, or anyone else, it is definitely worth considering.  We don’t know how long the deal will last, so if this ‘rings your bell’ be sure to respond now, rather than later.

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