New Zealand’s Wonderful Wines and Wineries

Once limited to just a few parts of the country, NZ now produces wonderful wines almost everywhere.
Once limited to just a few parts of the country, NZ now produces wonderful wines almost everywhere.

New Zealand wines command the highest price premiums in the world, and are also among the rarest in the world.  Small wonder, perhaps, that the country’s wine industry is also growing faster than anywhere else in the world, too.

Although the country has some 700 wineries, more than 600 of these are tiny, and only a dozen or so are of appreciable size.

You’ll be unsurprised to learn that the largest wineries are not always the best wineries, and even the very good and very large wineries only have limited production runs of their very best wines.  The bulk wine that is generally sold internationally is, well, bulk rather than boutique wine.

If you want to experience some of the finest new world wines (which are also every bit as good as the best of the ‘old world’ wines too!) there’s no other way to do this, short of traveling to New Zealand and turning up at cellar doors, and where you’ll be assured of warm (and wet) welcomes.

Maybe that is not such a terrible thought to countenance!  Throw yourself in that briar patch, for sure!

Whether you choose to join our October tour to NZ (with a definite wine focus) or simply go by yourself at any time, you’re sure to enjoy not only the country in general, but their wines in particular.

Read more about NZ’s wines and wine growing regions here.


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