A Christmas Present to You from The Travel Insider

You can download a free issue of First Class Flyer Magazine.
You can download a free issue of First Class Flyer Magazine.

Merry Christmas, everyone.  I hope, as the year comes to a close, that 2012 has been kind to you, and I of course also hope that 2013 will be an even better year in every respect, which you’ll enjoy in good heart and good health.

To close out the year (almost), here is a little gift for you.  At the urging of several of our Travel Insider Supporters, I’ve been speaking to Matt Bennett on behalf of all Travel Insiders.  Matt publishes an excellent monthly magazine, the First Class Flyer.  Each month it has 12 pages of fascinating material all about how to get into the premium cabins on your flights for the lowest cost – either the lowest fare or the fewest number of frequent flyer miles.

His magazine isn’t for everyone – if you’re primarily interested in the lowest fare, even if it involves a middle seat in the back, a roundabout routing, and a red-eye schedule, then clearly his revelations aren’t so relevant.  But if you’re willing to pay a bit more money, in return for a lot better travel experiences, and of course if you do fly several times a year, then maybe it is a helpful publication.

I’m working with Matt to come up with a special deal for Travel Insiders, and expect that to be announced some time in January.  But Matt kindly agreed to give everyone a taste of his publication now, and has allowed me to offer you, completely for free, his March 2012 issue.  You don’t even need to go to his site or leave your email or any other details to get it – simply click the link below and you’ll have it downloaded directly from my site.

Why the March issue?  Matt says he thinks it was the best of the twelve issues this year.  While each issue has a lot of time sensitive material that becomes less relevant when the offers and deals expire, there are two long-lived articles in the March issue which Matt thinks everyone might find helpful now, and into the future.  I agree.

Starting on page 2 is an article all about getting award tickets on the basis of two one-way tickets rather than one roundtrip ticket, and starting on page 8 is a very detailed analysis of all the different airline premium economy products.  There’s a huge variation in what airlines consider to be premium economy, and Matt’s explanations and table summarizing everything really helps you know who has what.

Here’s the link to the free March 2102 First Class Flyer magazine.


Oh – and if you like it, don’t sign up for a full price subscription on his site at present – I expect to have a special Travel Insider rate for you sometime in January.

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