Aug 232012

The Solitude XCS noise cancelling headphones

Some people say innovation is dead in the US.  But they’ve probably not come across Solitude Design, a small company that for nine years now has been steadily coming up with better and better models of noise cancelling headphones, and at market-leading prices.

Their latest model, the Solitude XCS is a slight improvement over the previous Solitude X.  We like them, but we like the bargain basement price the company has now put on the model X while it remainders off the last of the previous model.

Should you buy either, or should you spring for a set of the $300+ Bose headphones?  Please read our detailed review of the Solitude XCS noise cancelling headphones for answers to this and many other questions.

  One Response to “Solitude’s Latest Noise Cancelling Headphones – To Buy or Not to Buy”

  1. I personally think that they are a great product! I’ve had the Beats by Dre and was never really convinced of the audio quality. These sound (ahem) like they would be a great replacement! A cross between the Bose QC 15 and the Beats by Dre!. What a concept!

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