An Excellent Method of Extending iPhone 4/4S Battery Life (Works With Many Other Devices too)

The Third Rail External Battery System for iPhone 4/4S has a swappable battery and a slim phone case

The latest version of Apple’s iPhone operating system, iOS 5, apparently has been causing problems for many iPhone users, due to a bug in the software causing the battery life to be seriously shortened.

After the usual process of first denying there was any problem at all, Apple has now said it will patch its software and fix the problem, at some time in the hopefully not too distant future.

But, even if this bug wasn’t eating away at your phone’s battery life, you still have constraints, particularly because the iPhones don’t have user swappable batteries, and all their lovely features use up the battery’s power all too quickly.

There’s nothing new about the idea of an external battery pack for an iPhone, and this is what many of us are forced into adopting.  But here is a wonderfully new and innovative approach to this seemingly one dimensional concept – the Third Rail External Battery System.

Its ‘secret sauce’ is a separate battery as well as iPhone case – a separate battery that can also be used to power other mobile devices, and which can be stacked with additional batteries to create even higher capacity power storage.

It does some other very clever things too, and is one of the cleverest add-on gadgets we’ve seen all year.

Please visit our complete Third Rail External Battery System review for full details.

1 thought on “An Excellent Method of Extending iPhone 4/4S Battery Life (Works With Many Other Devices too)”

  1. Thanks for your very thorough Third Rail review. It sounded so good that I promptly ordered one for my new iPhone 4S. It’s everything you said it was. A very slim case, and a well-designed charging system. I’m particularly intrigued that it can become a charging hub for other devices, possibly enabling me to reduce the number of extra items I have to pack when I travel.

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