Please Vote For The Best Travel Innovations of the Last 25 Years

Not quite as mysterious as crop circles, but your help is needed to solve the question of what was the best travel innovation of the last 25 years

In last week’s newsletter I asked readers for their suggestions as to what would constitute the best travel innovations from the last 25 years, and to get your creative juices flowing, pointed you to a web article listing some 40 different innovations.

Many interesting and original suggestions were received.  Some had to be discarded because they dated back appreciably more than 25 years (eg, the 747 Jumbo Jet, Business Class seating, international credit card acceptance) and some were discarded because although innovative, they weren’t really positive in the sense we were seeking (eg the airlines zeroing out travel agency commissions – every time you pay a travel agent their fee for booking a ticket for you, remember the only reason they are charging you that is because the airlines no longer pay them commissions).

We also consulted one of the industry’s pre-eminent sages for his suggestions and advice.  Then we mixed in a few thoughts of our own, put it all together, and now have a survey with 41 different candidates for the title of best travel innovation, spread over four different categories, plus also giving you a chance to add write-in suggestions of your own.

So – please would you now go to the survey and give your fellow Travel Insiders the benefit of your opinions.  Oh – and please pass the page link on to as many of your friends as possible – let’s try and get as many people participating in the survey as possible, to make it as meaningful as possible.

3 thoughts on “Please Vote For The Best Travel Innovations of the Last 25 Years”

  1. I don’t believe the traveler generated survey favorites from Travel and Leisure any more than those of Zagat and Trip Advisor. Travel/food critics/experts seem more “right on”, trustworthy and believable to me.

  2. You say “WN is at least as financially strong as DL” which doesn’t make any sense to me at all. WN has been churning profitable years all along except for maybe one and Delta has been losing hundreds of millions for the past decade. What are their debt levels?

    I would have said that WN is a hell of lot financially stronger than DL instead of “at least as financially strong as DL” which isn’t that strong at all.

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